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Xoran are known to be strong warriors.

The Xoran race comes from the distant planet Krenindala. A subspecies of ormyrr, they were born from the rape of Elara, of the second generation of humanity. Strong, fire-breathing, humanoid lizards, members of this race first appeared on Achaea in 242 AF when adventurers were granted the ability to reincarnate into Xorans following the conclusion of the Death's Heart Saga.

Powerful and intelligent, the xoran is a race of humanoid lizards from a world beyond Achaea. They have become a familiar sight, assimilating into the many communities that span the continent.

Commonly standing six feet tall or more, xoran have a generally muscular physique, and their skin is scaled in a variety of vivid colours. White or pale scales are extremely unusual, and hair is uncommon but not unheard of. They are typically characterised by long tails that sweep the ground, hands that may have talons or claws, and snouts that range from short and rounded to elongated and almost crocodilian.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 13 11 12 12
Vanquisher 15 11 12 11
Legate 13 13 11 12
Ward 13 10 14 12
Caster 12 11 12 14

Racial Skills

The Firekin have:

  • Resistant to FIRE damage.