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Instructor Phineus, Warden of Knowledge, was the House tutor of the Wardens of the Cerulean Spire, and the Runewardens Guild before that, in Cyrene. Phineus is one of the only Runewardens of old Cyrene to survive the lethal onslaught of the dragon Ainghaeal.

He is the brother of Tithian, the Spirit Walkers' House tutor.

Phineus' Wares

Falcon-carved pipe - 60gp
Crafted from a piece of white oak, this pipe has been carved into the likeness of a noble falcon. The majestic head of the falcon sports the bowl of the pipe, and its wings stretch back along the stem. Its simple elegance reflects the refined pragmatism of its Warden owner.
Mountaineer's quiver - 500gp
This quiver has been crafted out of necessity from an expert mountaineer. The body is made from the tanned hide of rabbit and deer found in the Actar Valley. Feathers of the Vashnarian Condor line the top of the quiver, facing downward, towards the end. This creates a smooth gradient down the quiver, exposing more raw hide with greater distance from the opening. Finely woven tendons have been used as the string by which the different patchy hides have been pieced together. A strap of fine wool pads the wearers shoulder holding the quiver easily and comfortably. The tip of the quiver is protected with fine silver, mined from deep inside the mountains. A simple etching of a falcon holding a runeblade has been carved into the silver cap.
Gour-hide pouch - 400gp
Crafted from the supple brown hide of a gour and emblazoned in gold thread with the noble crest of the House of the Cerulean Spire, this pouch is pragmatic yet dignified. The sturdy skin allows for heavy wear yet also stretches and conforms to allow the contents full room. Two drawstrings allow the owner to cinch the top closed and provide ample protection for the contents against the elements.
Suede-covered journal - 6000gp
A cover of boiled leather forms the binding of this journal, holding a sheaf of expensive parchment. Enveloping the outside of the cover, soft suede, dyed deep blue, has been stretched taut over the surface, and trimmed in ornate silk embroidery in gold thread on the spine. The soft jacket is unadorned, save for the carefully tooled Wardens' coat-of-arms in the bottom right-hand corner. Upon the inside of the journal, a stylized map of Cyrene is sketched onto the inside of the front cover, portraying detailed illustrations of local landmarks. Inside the back cover rests the Runic Creed, the oath of the Warden. Carefully embroidered in gold thread on the royal blue silk bookmark are Honour, Chivalry, Duty, and Lorecraft, the Four Cornerstones of the Warden Ethos.
Russet leather falconry glove - 350gp
Stiff, russet leather makes up the outer protective layer of this large glove, extending just past the elbow and thick enough to protect against the talons of fierce falcons. The inside is mostly soft kidskin, with grizzly fur lining the inner cuff. Every element of this falconry glove is made of Vashnarian materials, showing the care and pride that mountain craftspeople put into their work. Stained into the leather, a string of runes - algiz, isaz, and tiwaz - circle the cuff to the wrist, and branded into the palm is a blue-banded falcon carrying a bared blade in its talons - the mark of Vashnarian warbirds.
Burnished runic scabbard - 1000gp
Carved with the symbols of Ansuz, this scabbard has a dull gloss which calls attention to its artistry while it protects the deadly arms of a Warden. Runic markings trail down the length of the scabbard, and an engraving of a soaring falcon bearing a broadsword in its talons adorns the scabbard midway down its length.
Lapis lazuli vial - 400gp
Mottled with white and shot through with veins of deep azure, polished lapis forms a vial displaying a scaled recreation of the famed Shield of Proteus. Rising above the lip of the container and stretching wide on either side, the shield bows at a gentle curve, the main body of the vial nestled neatly within. Carefully etched into the centre of the shield, but very difficult to see at scale, are the runes of Gebu and Gebo, brushed with just a slight trace of gold dust to catch the light.
Stone bowl etched with a cerulean dragon - 200gp
Polished smooth and carefully handcrafted from a white, fine-grained marble, this bowl's simple shape and sharply sloped edge marks its design as intended for drinking from rather than eating. An etching of a cerulean dragon graces the outside, its bared teeth, flared wings, and coiling tail marred only by small finger-like grooves in the stone. The runes of jera, algiz, and berkana trace an evenly-spaced pattern along the inner wall, while the lightning bolt of uruz flashes across the very bottom of the basin.
Darkened steel sallet helm - 1000gp
Cast from a heavy piece of darkened steel, this sallet gracefully arches from just above the upper lip to the nape. A single narrow aperture across the front offers a fair range of vision for the wearer. Above the viewing point a thick, sharp-edged ridge begins extending directly to the neck and concludes in a gentle curve. Riveted at each side of the helm, a thinner piece of metal extends downward forming a curve ending in sharp points at the wearer's chin. Strips of leather along with a generic clasp connect the two side guards together. The various runes of the Runewarden are meticulously engraved along the centre of the ridge, ranging from the algiz to the gebu. A deep blue alloy is inlaid carefully in each of these markings, shimmering with any incoming light.
Ashwood darkbow - 5000gp
Layers of Cyrenian ashwood, sinew, and elk horn come together to form a powerful recurve bow, its sturdy, fluid construction the mark of a master archer. A glossy midnight varnish coats the composite limbs and grip, waterproofing the layers against the elements and granting the darkbow the shadowy hue for which it is named. Embedded into the limb above the grip a silver sigil bearing the Warden coat of arms gleams, and below, a small rune resembling a dirk carved into the ashwood guides each arrow to its mark.
Arrow - 5gp
With a tip of hardened steel and a long wooden shaft, this arrow has fletching of feather and cat-gut. Crafted for flight and accuracy, this would be a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled archer.