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The Mojushai
Leader None
Patron Scarlatti, the Great Bard
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Muorshai tier'Rhall
City Cyrene
Classes Permitted Monk, Serpent, Priest and Blademaster
House Tutor Mei-ling
Heraldric Arms None
Icon None

The Mojushai resided within the cliffs that border the city of Cyrene, in their Mojushai Hold and strived to reach enlightenment through the combined ideals of Strength, Benevolence, and Humility.

After three centuries of crouching in their Hold with quiet serenity, the Mojushai House was disestablished during the Cyrenian House Renaissance in 657.


Originally the Cyrenian Monk-classed Guild of the same name, the Mojushai were founded on the 13th of Miraman 298AF, by Muorshai tier'Rhall.

Political History


298 AF - Lord Pentharian became the first Patron of the Mojushai.
??? AF - Lady Valnurana replaced Lord Pentharian.
??? AF - Lady Tarah replaced Lady Valnurana.
??? AF - Lord Vastar replaced Lady Tarah.
??? AF - Lady Mithraea replaced Lord Vastar.
??? AF - Lord Neraeos replaced Lady Mithraea.
??? AF - Lady Melantha replaced Lord Neraeos.
586 AF - Lady Kastalia replaced Lady Melantha.
603 AF - Lady Selene replaced Lady Kastalia.
??? AF - Lord Scarlatti replaced Lady Selene.

Leadership - Guildmasters

298 AF - Founder: Muorshai.
302 AF - Jaemon replaced Muorshai as Guildmaster.
311 AF - Artimas replaced Jaemon as Guildmaster.
324 AF - Xorath replaced Artimas as Guildmaster.
335 Af - Stremlin replaced Xorath as Guildmaster.
344 AF - Hypnos replaced Stemlin as Guildmaster.
349 AF - Tsavonglah replaced Hypnos as Guildmaster.
360 AF - Atalanta replaced Tsavonglah as Guildmaster.
367 AF - Khairt replaced Atalanta as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Otoji Kanus

386 AF - First Otoji Kanu: Khairt.
423 AF - Irini replaced Khairt.
443 AF - Hakresh replaced Irini.
478 AF - Tinathia replaced Hakresh.
491 AF - Crathen replaced Tinathia as the Otoji Kanu, first to use the title.
599 AF - Arlanda replaced Crathen as the Otoji Kanu.
621 AF - Aeryllin replaced Arlanda as the Otoji Kanu.

Icon History

No icon was ever raised in honour of the Mojushai.


Agalos the Old, Elder of the Mojushai a remnant from before histories were taken. Dynris, a former troll slave, keeps the Hold tidy. Enqiuus, the Mojushai stablemaster meditates in the empty stable. Otoji KanuMei-ling resides within the Mojushaine Hold and existed as their resident monk trainer and personal [tutor].