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Amadeo, the waiter at a roadside cafe in Cyrene, cheerfully greets potential customers as they enter. He serves a variety of inexpensive food and beverages.

Amadeo's Wares

Thick slice of moussaka - 40gp
Slices of eggplant layered with cheese and smothered in a rich, custard-like sauce and baked golden brown make up this tasty local specialty.
Wine glass - 20gp
Though functional, this wine glass is made for tavern use rather than the King's table.
Stuffed, roasted pigeon - 65gp
Though not much more than a morsel, this delicacy makes good use of the abundance of pigeons which have overrun the artisan plaza. The bird has been dressed, stuffed with a tasty herb dressing and roasted to perfection.
Tasty falafel - 40gp
These crispy, lightly spiced nuggets of ground chick peas are deep fried golden brown.
Grilled figs and couscous - 60gp
This tasty dish of couscous is complimented by lightly grilled figs and braised onions. A scrumptious treat for the more mature palate.
Peppered goat kebab - 105gp
Deliciously seasoned chunks of goat meat heavily coated with whole black peppers are skewered onto this kebab along with bits of grilled onions and mushrooms. The fragrant aroma wafts from it into the air making your mouth water, with anticipation of the taste of its robust flavour.
Almond encrusted salmon filet - 100gp
This thick salmon filet has been encrusted with sliced almonds and grilled to tasty perfection.