Ty Beirdd

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Ty Beirdd
Leader None
Patron Scarlatti, the Great Bard
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Ralph Mercadia
City Cyrene
Classes Permitted Bard and Jester
House Tutor Riordan
Heraldric Arms Argent, a canton Azure and three harps in pale Gules
Icon None

This page is about the House of Bards. For other uses, please see Bards (disambiguation).

Located in the heart of the Vashnars within the Garden of the Arts in Cyrene, members of the House of Ty Beirdd dedicated their lives to their art, no matter if that art was created with paint and canvas or rapiers and song. The House expanded upon the initial paths offered by the Guild so that all members were encouraged to develop their own unique, artistic passion and share them at events, such as the Ero Concert held to honours their patron, Selene or the annual New Year's concert at the Dancing Boar Inn.

After centuries of song, and a month of prophetic discovery, the Ty Beirdd House was dissolved during the House Renaissance of Cyrene. Many view the Virtuosi as Ty Beirdd's spiritual successors.


Ralph Mercadia (born 5 Sarapin, 264 AF) was a singer and performer. During a casual festival of the arts, he learned the songs of Scarlatti. The God of the Arts encouraged him to continue to develop the lyrical ballads and melodic skills of the Bard. Ralph's labour led to the formation of both the Bard class and Bards Guild. The guild was founded on the 21st day of Mayan, in the year 350 AF. Its arrival had been long anticipated by the world and was received with much enthusiasm and fanfare, befitting of the Guild's nature as the performers and artists of the realms. It was Ralph's dream for the Guild to be like an Academie of Music, seeking potential and talent in new members: "Great artists of today who seek to become better, and the great bards of tomorrow who may someday supercede them."

Political History


350 AF - Lord Scarlatti became the first Patron of Ty Beirdd.
371 AF - Lady Selene replaced Lord Scarlatti.
458 AF - Lady Valnurana replaced Lady Selene.
606 AF - Lord Scarlatti replaced Lady Valnurana.

Leadership - Guildmasters

350 AF - Founder: Ralph
365 AF - Riashain replaced Ralph as Guildmaster.
372 AF - Syrah replaced Riashain as Guildmaster.
378 AF - Riashain replaced Syrah as Guildmaster.
381 AF - Dumas replaced Riashain as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Provosts of Aestheticism

395 AF - First Provost of Aestheticism: Dumas.
399 AF - Corwin replaced Dumas as the Provost of Aestheticism.
427 AF - Peladoris replaced Corwin as the Provost of Aestheticism.
451 AF - Sancero replaced Peladoris as the Provost of Aestheticism.
533 AF - Azzad replaced Sancero as the Provost of Aestheticism.
547 AF - Madelyne replaced Azzad as the Provost of Aestheticism.
605 AF - Serendi replaced Madelyne as the Provost of Aestheticism.
616 AF - Perl replaced Serendi as Provost of Aestheticism.

Icon History

No icon was raised in honour of Ty Beirdd.


There were many who resided within the halls of Ty Beirdd, each with a key role to play. For those who were seeking a merry drink, Sam the bartender was most certainly the denizen to see, though the more studious adventurer may have wished to visit the tutor Riordan.

A curious, lifelike wax sculpture of Oscar Jarrod posed within the great hall, alongside Moselle, the Ty Beirdd humgii.

After the organisation closed its doors to adventurers, the estate opened to the public. Sam remained at the estate where he continues tending bar while Riordan, Oscar, and Moselle began new adventures with the Virtuosi.