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Zigfrey, the Xorani Virtuoso, resides outside of Blu's Den of Delights in Cyrene. He can be found wielding his paintbrush and palette near the Garden of the Arts, his forked, black tongue flicking from between his lips as he contemplates his next project. Zigfrey operates a small side business selling writs, scrolls, tablets, invitations, and parchments, as well as inscribing them for his customers.

Zigfrey's Wares

Cyrenian writ of silvery leather - 500gp
This fine, tanned boar hide is dyed a silvery hue, providing the raw material for this most wondrous writ. Folded across each corner, the writ is silver on the outside and light blue tone within, a multitude of tiny silvery motes decorating the surface. In the midst of the scroll, a painting depicts Blu, the Guardian Dragon of Cyrene, sitting atop the Twelve Tables. The creature displays a miserable facial expression, while his massive feet rest in an equally massive iron basin, from which white vapour rises into the air. A multi-coloured blanket is wrapped around his wings and corpus as the clouds that rise from his muzzle form the letters "FEELING BLU?". Beneath this artistry, a beautiful calligraphic composition reads, "Hope you feel better soon!" with an area provided below it to add a personal note.
Cyrenian scroll - 250gp
Illustrated in a rainbow of colours, the dragon Blu is depicted on the front of this scroll. Flying a straight course from Cyrene towards the foot of the Great Tree, the wyrm's eyes express great concern and sympathy. Delicately drawn across the upper section of the scroll, golden letters shimmer and convey the caption "PLEASE STOP DYING!". The lower half of the card delineates a person fastened to the Tree with what seems to be strong hawser, supported by the letters, "OR WE WILL TIE YOU TO THE TREE!" written beneath it. At the bottom of the beige parchment, an area provides room for further inscriptions.
Cyrenian wedding tablet - 450gp
Across the surface of this thin wooden board, a wedding scene is painted with uncanny realism. The focal point upon the tablet depicts two figures neatly dressed in wedding clothes, standing beneath an archway of stone while their faces shine with hope and joy. They are encircled by a wreath of fine green twigs and a silvery bow, represented in astonishing detail and an affluence of colour. Sprinkled across the rest of the board, tiny roses in shades of magenta and red decorate the tablet, while curly letters arching over the couple read, "Wishing you the best on your special day." Rubbing a fingertip across the tiny images causes them to emit the faint scent of roses, nicely adding to the magic and beauty of this unique wedding gift. A smaller area of lighter wood is nailed onto the tablet just underneath the couple, permitting the addition of a personal wish from the sender.
Brightly coloured invitation scroll - 350gp
Iridescent stripes of translucent paint are painstakingly applied to the texture of this scroll, swirling together in a colourful vortex at the centre. Spaced generously across this vortex, the inscription, "INVITATION," can be seen beneath a dragon-like form that shimmers with tones of silvery blue. A silver lining marking the edge of the scroll adds to the exclusivity of this special Cyrenian item, while tiny glittering particles of silver are strewn across the scroll's surface. A thin layer of parchment is affixed to the lower section of the scroll, providing a place for any further inscriptions with only the gentle stroke of a quill. Rolled up with great care, the scroll is fastened with a tie of delicate white linen.
Shimmering birthday parchment - 350gp
Translucent and shimmering, fine white parchment serves as the base for this folded birthday greeting. A brightly coloured gift box is painted near the top of the parchment, spotted with tiny golden particles that shimmer in the light, while the centre area is decorated with an image of glittering butterflies floating upon the background. A closer look reveals them spelling out the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" with the exclamation mark formed by a line of tiny indigo nightfire butterflies as they threaten to depart right off the surface of the paper in a wonderful artistic illusion.
Panoramic scroll of Cyrene - 350gp
A true masterpiece of artwork, this scroll portrays the ever-prominent Cyrenian city mascot Blu delineated upon its front. Wings extended, he looks out from behind the grand facade of the Cerulean Spire, one of the city's most noticeable landmarks. Captured from the northeast, the Spire has been rendered a slightly deeper shade of azure to contrast the expanse of sky, while Lake Muurn and the Southern Vashnars provide the background to this majestic city panorama. The white sails donned by several boats match the snowy caps topping each of the mountains, while not a cloud mars the vast blue firmament. A legend marked with the inscription, "Greetings from Cyrene!" can be discerned in raised gold lettering over the lower part of the Spire, just above the frayed bottom edge of the scroll.
Rolled-up cerulean and white scroll - 450gp
Thin white parchment serves as the basis for this slightly frayed scroll, while upon the surface a picture has been painted with painstaking accuracy and skill, depicting four men sitting at the snowy banks of Lake Muurn. At the far right, the first of these men leans against a rock and plays a magnificent silvery harp, while his companion to the left fishes. A few feet away from them, another man dressed in a set of magenta robes watches the fishing line of the nearby Mojushai, who is about to pull in a marble carp that has become ensnared on the end of his line. Even further to the left, a beautiful Siren rubs her chin in thoughtfulness, clad in a dark, arcane cloak drawn gently around her shoulders. The entire scene shines in light shades of magenta and ice-blue, portraying a calming atmosphere underlined by the magnificent display of intricate letters forming the words, "Greetings from Cyrene, the Heart of the Vashnars". A larger area beneath the picture bears space for more words to be inscribed directly onto the surface of this most wondrous scroll.
Multi-coloured Cyrenian scroll - 300gp
Consisting of the thinnest swath of beige leather, this scroll impresses with its joyful composition of colour and tone, accompanied by a motif that is truly breathtaking. A plethora of tiny silvery motes sparkle brightly across the smooth surface, seeming to almost emit light, rather than reflecting it. A stylised firecracker sitting amongst the motes holds a fuse that sparkles in bright yellow and red, the fire burning near to the quick and almost ready to explode, while bold black letters proclaim a heartfelt "CONGRATULATIONS!" A smaller area inset beneath this allows for further inscriptions by the sender. The opaque hide composing this motif is soft to the touch and finely structured, providing a certain irregularity to the background. A brown cord is sewn onto the scroll's upside, allowing the recipient as well as the originator to open and close the item at will.