Prosperian Athenaeum

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The Prosperian Athenaeum, is a large library located in Cyrene's Lyceum. It was constructed in Sarapin of the year 464 AF, and made available to the public on the 15th of Aeguary, year 476 AF with Lady Beneficia as its first Librarian.

The Athenaeum is composed of five halls, each dedicated to a different genre of writing. Four of these halls represent the Houses of Cyrene. The hall of History and Exploration represents the Arcane Kindred. The hall of Philosophy represents the Mojushai. The hall of Combat represents the Wardens of the Cerulean Spire. The hall of Arts and Literature represents Ty Beirdd. Also found in the Athenaeum, the Vault of Tomes includes compilations of miscellaneous knowledge.

The Athenaeum contains nearly 150 entries at this time, and is available for anyone not enemied to the city to visit.

Working in the library are Ahmose, who sells various journals, letters, and manuscripts, as well as Zophia, who gives information on the four halls.