Vashnar Mountains

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From their northern boundary west of the Black Forest to their southern terminus west of Jaru span the expansive Vashnar Mountains, the spine of Sapience. The Vashnars are arguably the highest mountain range in the known world, by virtue of the Pillars of Heaven.

Northern Vashnars

The Northern Vashnars are wind-bitten and bleak, their barren crags scoured of anything of interest. A path here winds and twists its way west toward the shores of the Sefyric Ocean, and eventually the island city of Mhaldor. At the foot of the Northern Vashnars, in a cave within Yggdrasil lies the Flame of Yggdrasil. Xhaiden Dale was discovered here in the year 427 AF, nestled in a valley along the pathway leading west towards the coast. At the northern edge of Xhaiden Dale looms the northernmost known peak of the Vashnar range, Mount Tehwet.

Western Vashnars

The Western Vashnars, otherwise known as the Central Vashnars, have been trod since nearly the beginning of the Modern Age when the explorer Haidion mapped the range's navigable passes in 191 AF. Bighorn sheep dwell here, as well as territorial mountain lions. Morland Falls is a popular tourist spot for adventurers passing through the area. A Temple of Phaestus is in the foothills. The cleric Jerh'mias and the neophyte Dia'gia can be found in the halls and are happy to discuss the Smith with anyone who stops by.

Also of note is the reclusive wizard Hycanthus, esteemed Conclave member. Alp, the Nightmare Siren makes her home here as well, outside the Temple of Sleep and Dreams. Upon one of the highest peaks, one may find the Temple of the Sky, the Vashnarian temple of Vastar, the Skylord.

A western pass through these perilous crags leads to the vast blanket of redwoods known as the Aalen Forest, while another pass leads down into the lush Dun Valley. Atop this central section of the Vashnars are seated the Pillars of Heaven, upon which sits the Garden of the Gods.

Southern Vashnars

The Southern Vashnars are home to the city of Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars, as well as the artist colony of Caer Witrin. They also form the cradle in which the Actar Valley is nestled. On the southwest side of the southern Vashnars may be found a river of ice which leads to the Aeraithian Falls, while to the northwest is the Atavian village of Genji.

It is in the Southern Vashnars that the highest peak in the Vashnar range may be found: Mount Nicator, which also serves as the gateway to the airborne island of Erymanthus. Also of note is the lesser mountain, Mount Karnoth, which still stands out impressively from the surrounding peaks. At the northern end of the Southern Vashnars lies the cyclops settlement of Mount Piraeus, while situated near the eastern edge is Quartz Peak.

The Southern Vashnars play host to a wide variety of wildlife. Mountain grizzlies, Vashnarian condors, and mountain drakes prowl here, preying on the bighorn sheep that are so common throughout the entirety of the Vashnar range, as does Grimlath, one of the last snow-tigers. During Great Hunt events, adventures may find the crypt of Baghorak amongst the granite peaks. In the firmament may be found Vashnarian condors and, even higher up, dragons occasionally make an appearance, banking and turning in the sky above.

Maira, the ferrywoman dwells upon the beaches along the Sea of Screamed Prayers bordering the mountains, where she provides passage in her windcutter to a string of sandy, shipwreck-thick islands north of Meropis.