Sefyric Ocean

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The Sefyric Ocean is the vast expanse of water located to the west of Sapience. Otherwise known as the Western Ocean and, rarely, the Amethyst Ocean, it reaches past the city of Ashtan and, further south, surrounds the isle of Mhaldor. Westward from Sapience's coast lie the islands of Shala-Khulia, Polyargos, Tapoa, and Tuar. To the far southwest is said to be the nation of Kashar. Vast kelp beds are found below the waves, and herds of hippocampi roam free of the presence of merfolk. The Sefyric Ocean is watched over by Sefyr, the ocean spirit of the West, who resides in palaces of coral and sponge.

There are two named stretches of the Sefyric Ocean: the Sea of Terror, which spans between Mhaldor Isle and Polyargos, and the Sapphire Sea, which stretches along the west coast of Sapience north of Ashtan.