Xhaiden Dale

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The valley of Xhaiden Dale lies snug in the Northern Vashnars, discovered in the year 427AF. The area is sectioned into four quadrants, each home to a different group and divided by the Jav River. To the northwest, the quiet village of Onorel can be found. The Obele monastery lies in the hills to the northeast below Mount Tehwet. Ka'ahlen Swamp is located in the southeast, and the hidden caves called Ganeve Den are in the southwesternmost region of the valley.


Ganeve Den

Obele Monastery

Onorel Village

Ka'ahlen Swamp


The valley is inhabited by two opposing groups, the Obele monks who worship light, and the Ganeve who live hidden in the darkness of the Ganeve Den. A group of Rajamalan people have made their home in the Onorel village.

Flora and Fauna

In the Ka'ahlen Swamp, colossal water striders and gargantuan ishkynd worms slither and teeter amongst beds of black cohosh, prickly ash, and bellwort. In a boreal thicket area bordering the swamp to the west and south, the forestal herbs ginseng, wild ginger, myrrh bushes, lobelia wildflowers, purple echinacea coneflowers, and red elm trees flourish.

On the path to Onorel village, dark green caolan bushes grow along with pink-berried amrunal and red-leafed laumspur plants. Black cranes, white coyotes, star-nosed moles, and cunning weasels can be found.

Valerian plants grow higher up on the path leading to the Obele monastery. Majestic, wild caribou and bulky yaks inhabit this area, as well.

Deep in the shadowed caverns of Ganeve Den, irid moss and bloodroot grow in abundance while some of the more courageous animals of the valley visit from time to time.