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The wizard Hycanthus is a hermit, his hut located in the Vashnar Mountains along the path to Dun Valley and the Aalen Forest. Keeping to himself for the most part, he was discovered to be part of the enigmatic group, the Conclave, during the Reflection Incident. Later, he was also discovered to have been a member of the secret astronomical society connected to the events of the Eternal Night. The Thousandth Door remains as a legacy of his attempt to counter the plot of Tavarius. Quite the knowledge-seeker, he has discovered a means through alchemy to create gold. As he has no inclination toward material wealth, however, he is likely to instead bestow the gold as a reward upon anyone who can help remedy his most pressing frustration: limited mana reserves.

During the Third Black wave, Hycanthus was instrumental in assisting the citizens of Cyrene in reclaiming their occupied city. After the battle he proclaimed himself the 'Hero of Cyrene' and took up residence within the city, abandoning his mountain hut.