Sea of Screamed Prayers

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The Sea of Screamed Prayers is a stretch of the Notic Ocean just south of the Vashnar Mountains, bordered to the northeast to southwest Sapience and to the west by Shala-Khulia. As with all parts of the Notic, the tropical Sea of Screamed Prayers is notorious for its tempestuous, shifting chops and eddies.

The small village of Ka'doloki overlooks the sea from the northern shores, while on the sheer mountainside to the east, the Aeraithian Falls gaze out over its waters. To date, Shala-Khulia is the only major port upon this stretch of ocean.

It was in the Sea of Screamed Prayers, a distance south of Aeraithian Falls and northwest of Sea Lion Cove, that Lord Twilight's Obelisk of Darkness was dropped by the will of the ocean lord Neraeos. The Obelisk was later moved to the burning sands of the Mhojave Desert.

Natural resources of the Sea of Screamed Prayers include abundant fish populations such as whiskerknot skrei, stripefish, two-headed fish, giant hatchetfish, coelacanth, spotted fangtooth, duskfin tuna, and redfin tuna. Translucent pink jellyfish also dwell within the temperate waters, most noticeably in the shallows near Ka'doloki.

Dione, the ferrywoman adventurers across the sea for a fee.