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Dia'gia, the acolyte, resides in the Temple of Phaestus located in the Vashnar Mountains. Once a neophyte, the dwarven lass from the north has become an acolyte, and continues to brighten the temple with her singing. She keeps a basket full of mountain flowers she is willing to sell to adventurers.

Dia'gia's Wares

A white rose - 150gp
With petals like light made physical, this rose is a stunning example of nature's proclivity towards beauty.
Mountain flower - 150gp
Picked from the mountain bushes and shrubs within the Vashnar Mountains, its only home, this rose is prized for not only its beauty and its scent but in its difficulty to find and pick. The delicate flower itself is a pale white with tinges of yellow and pink near the bottom, and gives off a truly divine scent. This rare and costly flower is said to be a favourite of the Smith and is normally offered as tribute within His temples.
A bundle of posies - 60gp
A multitude of lovely blooms in shades of violet, blue, and ivory is bundled together by a white silk ribbon wrapped neatly around its stems and tied into a decorative bow. Drifting from the flowers, an aromatic scent fills the air, the different blossoms each adding their own perfume to the blend.