Aeraithian Falls

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Aeraithian Falls
Leader Elnai, the Elder

The bane of spelling students across Sapience, comparable only perhaps to the likes of Zsarachnor, the Aeraithian Falls houses a community of winged humanoids in the cliffs of the Southern Vashnars.


The Falls can be found at the end of an unnamed icy river that flows through the Vashnars. The village itself is built vertically into the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Screamed Prayers. The layout of the town, however, can be quite confusing to outsiders, as it is quite different from traditional villages.


The village is inhabited by a race known as the Aeraithians. Notable Aeraithians include:


The Aeraithians have their own native language, which is not well-known to the outside world. They speak some common Achaean, but many of have fairly thick accents. For example, the word "nice" often becomes "nitsk". The inhabitants practise a religion that holds the waters of the Falls sacred, and they also revere the element of Air. A local shaman seems to be the religious leader, spending his time creating magical concoctions. The main food source for the village is fish, which are collected by fishermen on the rooftops. The village leaders are friendly and welcoming to outsiders, though the average villager may shy away from strangers.