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There are a variety of bears that live on Sapience. Four legged creatures covered in fur, they are sucessful hunters, armed with strong forelimbs, claws and a large mouth full of teeth.

Black bear
This 375 pound, medium-sized bear can be found in the Aalen Forest and the forests of Arcadia. It is covered in black fur, with a patch of white on its chest and caramel coloured fur around its muzzle.
Cave bear
This ancestor of modern bears can be found in the Darkenwood. Also weighing 450 pounds, it has massive paws to aid it in crushing its prey.
A grey-furred family of these bears can also be found in the caves of Tomacula and Shala-Khulia.
Grizzly bear
Weighing 450 pounds, these bears can be found in the Aalen, Black, and Northreach forests. Its dark fur helps this nocturnal hunter hide in the dark.
Ice bear
The huge ice bear of the Tundra has rows of razor sharp teeth set into its wide mouth, and its coat is so white that it almost blends in perfectly with the surrounding snow, making it a deadly opponent.
Khulian sun bear
The 150 pound Khulian sun bear is a nocturnal creature. It is covered in clean, black fur and has soft, padded hands and feet. Like its grizzly cousin, it has sharp, long claws, ideal for climbing the trees of the jungles of Shala-Khulia. Unlike its cousin, it eats fruits and honey.
Massive bear
This 450 pound bear lives in the area around Green Lake. Its environment has caused it to mutate so that it stands twice as large as its grizzly cousins. However, it is not as strong. It has thin, caramel-coloured fur which covers it from snout to tail.
Mountain grizzly
These live in the Southern Vashnars. Weighing 550 pounds, these are the largest and most dangerous of all grizzly bears. Thick, brown fur protects it from the cold snow.
Polar bear
These pristine white bears walk with a slightly bow-legged stance which helps them maintain traction on the snow and ice covered terrain of Suliel Island. Their survival depends on catching fish and these bears won't hesitate to attack adventurers in the vicinity of their prey.
Savannah grizzly
Oddly, the savannah grizzly does not roam the Savannah. These bears live on the Dardanic Plains, just south of the Northreach Forest. It has blond and brown fur, the long outer guard hairs tipped with silver. An aggressive animal which aims for the head or limbs when attacking, it is powerful enough to afflict its victim with stupidity or break bones.