Mount Piraeus

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Mount Piraeus
Leader Arges, Chieftain of the Cyclopes
Discoverer Cazarin, Finchy, and Somather
This article is about the cyclops village. For other uses, please see Piraeus (disambiguation).

Mount Piraeus is a prominent peak at the north end of the Southern Vashnar Mountains. Its name is derived from Emperor Piraeus, the immediate heir to Nicator.


Mount Piraeus towers to the north of the Actar Valley. The path up to the mountain is accessible from the Great Southern Road at the edge of the Mhojave Desert, just south of the entrance to Moghedu and just north of the start of the Cyrenian Highway. Flowing south across the peak from the mountains to the north is the river Eridanos, which supplies water to the valley below.


The main inhabitants of Mount Piraeus are the cyclopes who dwell within the caverns of the mountain. Notable individuals among them include:


The cyclops culture is based around their almost paranoid need to defend against perceived threats from the outside world. To this end, their home has been heavily fortified. Accomplished engineers, the cyclopes have designed and constructed a functional sewer system and blademill, both of which draw power from the river Eridanos. Sewage leaks are common, however, and it was one such pollution of the Eridanos River which led to the mountain's discovery.

Flora and Fauna

Along the craggy peaks of Mount Piraeus roam rugged mountain lions, much like the Western Vashnars to the north, and mountain goats. The herb valerian can be found growing along Piraeus's slopes, as well as the invasive thyme plant. The cyclopes make their home deep in a system of natural caverns, and both bloodroot and irid moss thrive in the subterranean environment. The river Eridanos hosts beavers and salmon as it flows down the mountainside, and kelp can be harvested from its waters.

Hunting Guide

  • 4 King Salmon (humble-looking creature)
  • 5 small beaver (does not look particularly dangerous)
  • 4 mountain goat (quiet confidence)
  • 1 ageing mountain lion (quite powerful)
  • 8 cyclops guard (stun) (quite powerful)
  • 6 cyclops woman (stun)( strong and confident)
  • 4 shy cyclops girl (run) (appears to lack strength)
  • 4 scruffy cyclops boy (run) (appears to lack strength)
  • 1 Hynes, the cyclops mechanic (not one to be trifled with)
  • 1 Arges, Chieftain of the Cyclopes (quite powerful)
  • 1 Dora, a cyclops cook (strong and confident)
  • 1 Steropes, the cyclops smith (blackout)(breaks arms) (quite powerful)
  • 1 Themus, a young cyclops shepherd (prones) (strong and confident)

Head west to get to the village area, on the way to the village you may encounter mountain goats and a mountain lion. Right before entering the village if you go down you’ll be at the river area where you’ll need to be able to swim or have waterwalking to hunt the salmon and the beavers. In the village itself you will find Cyclops guards, if you head northwest and north you’ll be at Themus. Heading back south then west will take you through a hidden section after that head northeast west north and east to be at Steropes if you head south and east you’ll be at Dora. After leaving that room if you head southwest, north and west you’ll be at Arges. If you head southwest, southeast south and west you’ll be at Hynes this is the room you’ll need the Ferrum/Ginseng for as the room itself makes you ill. The boys and girls of the area move around. Also along the route there are Cyclops guards.

You will need: Health/Vitality, Mana/Mentality, Ferrum/Ginseng, waterwalking/swimming, Tree Tattoo(for blackout) and Renewal/Mending. *optional: Bath to remove stench