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Below is a list of common terms that are used within Achaea.


  • Aeonic Discontinuity: A term used to refer to periodic or random slowness that may impact just a single adventurer, many adventurers or sometimes the entire world. Insaely, this discontinuity is also referred to as lag or latency.
  • Artiewhore: Someone who is in possession of a lot of artefacts and is generally of high dependance on them to achieve combat or bashing prowess.
  • Astralled: Short for Astral Form, a skill in Occultism. Like blackwind, an Occultist frequently enters this state of protection to infiltrate or escape dangerous places.


  • Bashing: A term used for a trip taken to fight denizens for experience and/or gold. Example: I am going bashing in Azdun. Would you like to come with me? This term is often considered a less-sane version of "hunting".
  • Burst: A shortened term for the starburst defence that is gained from a starburst tattoo. The defence is activated upon the tattoo being touched, and brings an adventurer immediately back to life the next time he or she dies.


  • Cause: A term used to reference the combat rights gained by one adventurer to kill another based on the actions of the second adventurer. Help PK, a help file in the game, explains the rules for this.
  • Cause baiting: See Cause farming.
  • Cause farming: A process by which an individual provokes others into giving him or her cause. Such an individual is usually called a Griefer. It is also known as 'cause baiting'.
  • CFS: Short for Credits For Sale. Normally used in the market channel to attract prospective credit buyers.
  • Churchie: A derisive term used to refer to a member of the Church.
  • Cloaked: A term describing an individual under the protection of a cloak tattoo. This protection serves to keep an adventurer from being summoned by a brazier tattoo.


  • Defendable: A term used to describe the defendable limits of the city. This includes the city itself and one room out of the boundaries of the city. City enemies attacked within defendable do not garner cause and are open pk. Example: South of The Gates of Mhaldor is still defendable territory.
  • Deliver: A distinctly Shallamese or Church term. It is used to request an emergency rescue via summoning with a Devotion skill of the same name.
  • Duel: An agreed-upon battle involving two adventurers. Usually, the adventurers will decide upon the rules and terms in advance, such as deciding whether the duel is to burst, or until one fully dies. Most duels are often done with a resser available for the loser if it is to the final death.



  • Foozle: Curiously enough, some Achaeans use this term as a substitute for a more vulgar one. A good example would be the phrase, "What the foozle?!", which is used to express confusion or disbelief.
  • Forestal: This is a generic term often used to describe members of the Druid, Sylvan, or Sentinel class. Housed forestals often dislike hearing the term used to describe their Houseless brethren unless the prefix "rogue" is attached.


  • Gank: Usually used in reference to teaming.
  • Gate Raid: This term is used to describe psuedo-raids on a city by a single adventurer or a group of adventurers. They often take place just outside of defendable range of the city, so as to lessen casualties on the raiding force and avoid guards.
  • Griefer: A fairly OOC term, this is used to describe just about anyone who makes time in Achaea unpleasant for others. Usually Cause related. Example: He killed me twice with no Cause! He's such a griefer! See also: Cause farming


  • Honours Line: A term used to describe a line shown when using HONOURSF <person> that shows they have completed a major quest. Example: When I honours Delphinus, it says that he is a Champion of Caer Witrin.
  • Honours whore: Someone who goes out of their way to attain honours lines, usually with a very large amount of help and very little personal effort.


  • IC: See In Character.
  • In Character: A term used to describe actions that comfortably fit into the roleplaying atmosphere of Achaea. Staying in character requires that one not mention words such as TV and similar devices that do not exist in Achaea.
  • Insane: What a person is said to be when they are Out of Character. OOC items and ideas are also referred to as being part of "Insanity". Example: Newbie: "I am on a new Dell laptop." Elder: "What kind of insanity is this?"


  • Jump: to ambush.



  • Lolpk - Generally refers to player versus player combat carried out in a way judged to be unfair or lacking in convincing roleplaying background (this term is OOC).
  • Logosian - The 80th level in Achaea. At this level, adventurers no longer require sleep or food.


  • Mis: A notification that the previous statement was intended for a different audience; short for mistell. Example: You tell Maya, "Hello Mithraea!" You tell Maya, "Mis!"
  • Mog: Short for an ability in the Occultism skill called Transmogrify, which allows adventurers to transform into Chaos Lords. Example: I got a good mog this time (noun) He mogged. (intransitive verb) I mogged him but he astralled away. (transitive verb)
  • Mono: Short for monolith sigil. An individual uses this to inform a portaler or a portal requester that the room is protected by said sigil. It may also be used as a verb or its past tense. Example: Landon: "Portal to Dyzanru." Misty: "Mono."


  • Nerf: A distinctly OOC term. It's used to describe a downgrade of anything; usually skills or a particular class. Example: Groves is too strong, it needs to be nerfed!
  • NoT: Short for North of Thera, a famous location on Sapience directly north of the town of New Thera. This room was previously known as North of Thera, but was renamed North of New Thera after the destruction of the town of Thera by the forces of the Vertani, and the acronym has stuck.
  • NoNT: Another term for NoT that is disliked by most adventurers (see above).


  • OOC: See Out of Character.
  • Out of Character: A term used to describe references to real-life activities and items that are distinctly out of place in Achaea. This is acceptable in some OOC-designated clans, but is otherwise considered forbidden on public channels and can be punished with a loss of credibility. This is referred to in IC terms as insanity.
  • Off-continent: Refers to a location upon the same plane (usually the Prime Material Plane), but outside the range of regular communications. This is in contrast to off-plane. Example: I'm sailing to the island of Zanzibaar, so I'll be off-continent.
  • Off-plane: Refers to the extraplanar location of an object or being in relation to the Prime Material Plane. This is in contrast to off-continent (see above). Example: My Dragon friend is off-plane, in the Parthren Gare.
  • Otherworldly: A term that describes and/or references the real-world. Example: Maya: "I haven't seen Oneiros in some time." Tecton: "He's been very busy otherworldly."


  • PK: A term that stands for Player Killing. This also involves any attacks on other players. One should be familiar with Help PK, a help file listed in game, before engaging in such activities. Using the term PK is often considered OOC.
  • Poly: More commonly, this term is used to describe the island of Polyargos.


  • Questing: A term used to describe working on various quests in Achaea. Usually involving completing tasks for denizens in hopes of a reward or to achieve an objective, such as gaining an honours line, (see: Honours Line in Achaean Lingo.) Example: I am off to go questing in Blackrock, as I am short on gold.


  • Raid: A term used to describe an assault on a city by a group of adventurers, or sometimes even a single adventurer. This often involves killing defending citizens, guards, or denizens. See also: Gate Raid.
  • Raiding: To raid. The act of raiding.
  • Reflex: a more IC term for triggers.
  • Resser: A person who ressurects adventurers in their forestal grove or via an ability in the the devotion skill. Also referred to as Rezzer.
  • Rezz: A term used to refer to using the services of a resser. Also referred to as a Res.
  • Rogue: This describes someone who does not belong to a House and/or City.


  • Scroll: A term often used to reference help files in an IC manner. Example: Please refer to the scroll HHELP NOVICES before you do anything further.


  • Teamer: One who teams. See Teaming.
  • Teaming: This term is often used in regards to a group of adventurers attacking a single or a smaller group of adventurers. Example: They are always teaming me!
  • Trans: Short for transcendent. Used to refer to the highest level of skill mastery. Example: Asara is trans avoidance.
  • Twinkie: A derisive term used to refer to a member of the Order of Twilight.




  • Whore: Other than its usual meaning, it is also used in conjunction with almost every other Achaean term to describe an excess usage of said term. For example to axe-whore is to describe a Sentinel repeatedly using the skill of axe throwing. It is derogatory in almost every context, denoting a lack of skill and hence an over-reliance on cheap tricks. See also: Artiewhore and Honours whore.
  • Winded: Short for blackwind, a skill in Necromancy. Frustrated attackers often mutter this while the Necromancer in question makes a quick getaway under the protection of this defence.





  • # : This term is often used to refer in an OOC manner to item or denizen numbers found respectively when using II, IH, or ENTS. Example: I use the # of my wedding ring to reflex rewearing it when it is removed.