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Leader Kru'lax, Queen of the harpies
Discoverer Elsp


Polyargos was discovered by Elsp in 264 AF after discovering Ranthal in the Aalen Forest. The druid had fled his home to escape the wrath of a fearsome lesser dragon, Yudhishthira, and his wyverns.


This volcanic island is located off the southwestern coast of the Aalen Forest. Travelling to the island requires a short, reasonably priced ferry ride manned by Nolan. Once on the island, adventurers may choose to explore the leper caves or venture up the volcano where the harpies make their home. To return to the Aalen Forest, one must purchase passage on the ferry manned by Nate.


  1. Nate, a burly ferryman
  2. Kru'lax, the Harpy
  3. Filthy harpies
  4. Yudhishthira, a lesser dragon
  5. An old leper
  6. Other lepers


Polyargos is inhabited by unattractive (to say the least) harpies who are led by their Queen, Kru'lax, an especially curmudgeonly harpy who claims lordship over the island (but only when that "fool dragon" is dead). A group of limb-dropping lepers, forced to live as outcasts, inhabit a cavern at the base of the volcanic mountain.

Oysters can be found in the waters surrounding the island.