Parthren Gare

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The Parthren Gare is the sky-mountain home of the Greater Dragons, created for them by the Gods for their services in the War of Humanity and located in an Interdimensional Nexus as a plane of its own. It is essentially a floating area of land suspended by the mist-cloaked landscape that surrounds it, with a clear, unequaled vista of the heavens above. While Dragonspire Mount is its central landmark, it boasts other breathtaking sites such as the Whispering Lagoon, the Garden of Orbs, the Cerulean Falls, the Cavern of Glimpses, the Rosarium, and the garden plateaus of Ashaxei's Lament.

The Parthren Gare is also home to dragonlets as well as the retired Aldar Han-Tolneth and the ivory dragon Sycaerunax.