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Portals are magical gateways through the fabric of reality that allow an adventurer to travel instantly between any two locations. Typically, portals can only be created between two locations on the same plane of existence, although there are rumors of some portals which lead to fantastic places beyond the understanding of mortal ken. With the use of a Prismatic Lantern, one may spy through a portal to see where it leads.

Portals may be created via some class skills, such as Groves and Crystalism, or by certain powerful artefacts such as the Wand of Portals. Most of these magical portals can be blocked by the use of a Monolith sigil.

Also a type of Godly rescue for newbies, the portals command will transport them to Loom Island and the Ring of Portals, magical gateways which lead to various locations throughout the lands.

The Mantle of Refraction, however is a unique artefact which prevents anyone from using portals or other magical transportation means to travel to its wearer.