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The Vertani are an aristocratic race of foreign giants hailing from the land of Vertan who, in the year 379 AF, opened a portal to Sapience and entered as visitors to our world. Curious about Sapience and somewhat evangelical in their religion, culture and morals, the Vertani went about learning as much as possible about our culture while preaching their own. While most met the Vertani with civility, some immediately attempted to slay them – the first Vertani death was caused by the occultist Rocktamer.

After the events encompassing the Vertani War, the majority of Vertani in Sapience had been slain in battle, including several leaders. A small faction of survivors, led by Commander Daqsool, remained as guests of Shallam for some period. The remaining Vertani have built their own settlement within the Dakhota Hills and have christened it Tir Murann.

Notable Vertani leaders include:

Nine Vertani Houses make up the core of the Empire, based off the original nine territories that formed it. Each house has a leader, called the Solarn.

The suicidal Imperial Oracles, idiot savants who live in horror after having been 'touched by The All', are kept restrained and confined. Their sole purpose is to decide by prophesy which House's Solarn will serve as the next Ascendant.