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Clementius, the Weaver
Realm The Weaving of Reality
Symbols None
Relatives None
Allies Aeyr




Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples None

Clementius was known as the Weaver, and was one of the Gods most responsible for shaping reality (also known as the Weave). Once a member of the Pentad, he was a neutral power within the realms, neither competing nor truly aiding the Gods of the lesser Pantheon. With his Axe of UnWeaving, he destroyed all that was weaved poorly. He eschewed both capitalisation of pronouns in reference to himself, and undeserved mincing of his name; shortening of the Weaver's name, especially to its first four letters, has resulted in searing pain and death for mortals on more than one occasion, and often more than once at any given time.