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Sigils are small items created with the Conjuration skill that have various effects.

  • Cube sigils dampen vibrations or hamonics in a given room when placed on the ground, but are impeded by a reverberation vibration or the partita harmonic respectively.
  • Eye sigils, when placed on the ground, prevent souls from passing through the location. When thrown at the ground, the resulting explosion pulls phased serpents into sync with normal reality. The Gavel of Etheric Revelation artefact also performs this ability.
  • Fist sigils attach to items, preventing them from becoming jarred loose of an adventurer's inventory or grip.
  • Flame sigils attach to an item, preventing it from being picked up when on the ground, or given away or placed into a container when in an adventurer's inventory. When placed on the ground by itself, the sigil has the ability to illuminate darkness.
  • Key sigils when on the ground in a location, automatically closes and locks any door passed through from that location. This sigil is a must for the private area of any establishment.
  • Knife sigils, when dropped on the ground, will systematically sever elemental channels of any elemental channeler in the room.
  • Monolith sigils, when placed in a location, block most forms of instant magical travel into that location. The things it blocks includes but is not limited to hermit, raido, any portal abilities, empress tarot, and brazier. For travel via prism tattoos, it only slows down the amount of time it takes for a person to travel down the prismatic beams of light targeting that location and will not block entry.
  • Mushroom sigils are quite dangerous and should be used with great caution. When attached to an item, this sigil will destroy itself in an attempt to annihilate its new host in a large explosion that almost always damages the adventurer attaching it.
  • Orb sigils are constructs of pure order, making them anathema to chaos entities, severing their links to the Prime Material Plane when tossed at them.
  • Star sigils, when thrown at the ground, will cover everyone in the room in a fine, glittering powder. The effect serves to reveal the entrance and exit of adventurers limned by the sigil's power. It is particularly effective against skilful Subterfuge and Shindo evasion.