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The Halls of Blackrock
Leader Barak D'Nichliz, Lord of the Undercaves
Religion Apollyon and Shaitan
Founder Gringor Blackrock
Discoverer Adanedhel Eruu'Yul
Allies Mhaldor

Blackrock is a system of caves inhabited by a group of evil Dwarves. The mountain which contains the caves was dropped on Lord Sartan in an attempt to imprison him by Lord Phaestus. An entrance to the caves can now be found on Mhaldor Isle off the coast of the Northern Vashnars.


The entrance to the Halls of Blackrock can be found in the hills south of Mhaldor. Its deep caves stretch far underground. In the upper levels, spelunkers may find the underground lake, a body of blackened waters hidden within the caves. Far down into the caves, the dwarves of Blackrock conduct a mining operation, building a city of their own deep under Sapience. Visitors will see sights ranging from a lavish throne room, to jagged mine heads, to a cold, darkened prison. In the very deepest section of the mines, one can find a mirror that marks the entrance to Lady Keresis' temple.


The Dwarves of Blackrock have forsaken the rule of Phaestus, whom they claim abandoned them when He hurled their mountain on Sartan. They have instead chosen to devote themselves to Sartan, the Malevolent. Notable figures in the Halls of Blackrock include:


Once loyal subjects of Lord Phaestus, the Dwarves of the Halls of Blackrock have separated themselves from the other dwarven clans and pledged their allegiance to Sartan. They carry on a successful mining operation in the depths of Blackrock while the priestess Grima trains her acolytes in the worship of their new Lord. These Dwarves were also involved in the defeat of the Vertani as they discovered a way to harm the seemingly impenetrable fortresses.


Two stores can be found in the Halls: a mining stockroom and a somewhat unconventional stable. The stockroom sells the commodities iron, gold, gems, and platinum. The Dwarves are also willing to purchase platinum at a lowered price. The stable sells small burros, as well as giant trained ants with saddles attached. There are few amenities for the average sight-seer, but the hardened adventurer will find what they need.

Flora and Fauna

Few plants grow in the depths of the caves. A handful of patches of lichen and mosses can be located throughout the mines, and the valuable bloodroot plant may be harvested in the upper levels. The underground lake is also home to a few types of algae.

Large stone anthills can be found littered throughout Blackrock, and massive bloodworms can be found deep in the mines. The Dwarves are known to attach saddles to these beasts and use them in their mining efforts. Vicious angler fish and pincer crabs can be found in the waters of the lake, and a giant octopus is said to make its home in the black depths.