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The human Yudhishthira, also known as Yudhishthira, First of the Conclave and formerly the red dragon Yudhishthira, began as a member of the race of lesser dragons hailing from the fallen sun Ethian. Making his home within the lava dome of the volcano of Polyargos, he often waits with his wyvern guardians for foolish adventurers who attempt to invade his domain. Though content to sit and observe from his lofty reach, he has been known to meddle in the affairs of mankind occasionally. As a dragon, he founded the Conclave, managing to disrupt the cycles of the Ethian shards that ultimately culminated in the creation of the Goddess Makali in what came to be known as the Birth of Destruction.

During the struggle for leadership known as the Conclave Reckoning Yudhishthira recruited adventurer allies against the challenge of Maklak. His forces won the day, and in the end Sycaerunax granted him his greatest wish - the soul of a Greater Dragon - enabling him to defeat the ice wizard once and for all.

A mystical card of the Saviours suit honours his heroism and draconic beginnings, and is counterpart to the ice-infused Maklak card.