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Apollyon, the Suffering
Realm Suffering
Symbols the broken wheel
Relatives None
Allies Shaitan
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Mhaldor, and The Ivory Temple, in the Central Wilderness

Apollyon, the Suffering was the God of the realm of Suffering, and was one of the Lords of Evil, sundered by Keresis from Sartan, the Malevolent.


The Suffering God came into existence with the destruction of the star Ethian, when the pit Abbadon attempted to consume the heavenly body. The resulting explosion from the Morning Star's collapse snuffed almost all life upon the surface of the continent of Sapience. Such was its potency that the fabric of reality itself rippled and contorted, finally resolving itself in the birth of Apollyon, the Malefactor and his sister Aurora, Goddess of Light. A scant ten years later, Shaitan, the Lord of Evil assaulted and cannibalized the nascent God before changing His name to Sartan to evade the wrath of Sarapis. He remained in this state until 396 AF, when, on request, Keresis struck the Lord of Evil and broke the bonds which connected Him with Apollyon. The two Gods ruled Mhaldor as joint patrons for over two centuries thereafter.

The God Apollyon was slain in battle in 611 AF by Pentharian, God of Valour.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbol of Apollyon was that of the wheel, usually depicted broken. He took preference over little within life, however the likes of locusts, wasps, and coyotes were said to hold some meaning. His weapon of choice was the Kris of Anguish.