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These are the Seven Truths of Evil:

  1. What is called evil is simply the drive for advancement, for greatness. We seek, through discipline and pain, to spur the advancement of nothing less than sentient life.
  2. Cruelty - the application of pain - is the method by which one weeds out the weak and feeble-minded from the population.
  3. Weakness must be eliminated in all its forms: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.
  4. The enemies of strength are those who trumpet the effeminate values of forgiveness, tolerance, and laxity of discipline.
  5. The body may be made stronger through combat.
  6. The mind may be made stronger through the elimination of conscience. One does this by inflicting pain on others.
  7. The spirit may be made stronger by enduring hardships, both self-imposed and externally-imposed.

The Lord of Evil is Sartan, the Malevolent.