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Shaitan, God of Oppression
Realm Oppression
Symbols an open palm with fingers splayed, on a red background
Relatives None
Allies Apollyon
Enemies Shallam, Eleusis, Pentharian, Tarah, Lorielan, Mithraea, Artemis
Order Name Shayatin
Temples Inside the city of Mhaldor

Shaitan, the Horned God was the Lord of Oppression, and an esteemed Elder God. The savage face of Evil took full manifestation in Shaitan, who sought to quench His bloodlust on any who stood against Him. He was contemptuous of less than direct methods in His pursuit of greatness, preferring raw power over deviousness: an axe to the throat over parleying with words. Domination over the weak and advancement of the flesh and spirit, at whatever cost, were His. Between He and the Suffering One, the Seven Truths of Evil were upheld.


The original God of Evil, Shaitan was also known as the Primordial Corruptor. He renamed Himself Sartan after merging with the newly-born Apollyon in the 3rd century. Splitting away from Apollyon in the 4th century, the two jointly ruled the city-state of Mhaldor for centuries. After falling to the blades of Pentharian, God of Valour, Apollyon's essence was taken up by Shaitan, becoming Sartan once more.

The Shayatin

A fierce and primeval God, Shaitan favoured warriors, exulting in the carnage of the battlefield and ruthless slaughter. His followers readily followed their demanding and pitiless Horned Master and were utterly devoted to the path of domination over the weak and the advancement of the flesh and spirit.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbol of Shaitan was an open palm with fingers splayed, on a red background.