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Dedicated solely to the protection and preservation of nature, The Council of Oakstone was formed in 227 AF by Mysti and Mandrake with the assistance of Gaia, Goddess of Nature, and Sarapis, the Logos. Originally patroned by Gaia Herself, the council was led by five Hierophants, the first being Mysti, Mandrake, Rahl, Treant, and Galdrion. Until the death of Lady Melantha in 611 AF, She and Lord Lupus presided jointly as the council's Patrons.

The foundation of the council was the Oakstone Charter, a document outlining the structure and jurisdiction of the council, and most importantly the laws regarding Nature. Wielding a power not to be taken lightly, the Hierophants possessed the ability to enemy those who would harm Nature directly, setting the wrath of the forests against them.

In addition to the forest itself attacking on sight if an enemy so much as set foot beneath the eaves, druids, sylvans and sentinels could face the loss or higher cost of abilities requiring allegiance with Nature Herself.

Summary of Enemyable Crimes

Every natural area shall be under Oakstone's protection. ~ Excerpt from the Oakstone Charter.

The following actions were grounds for immediate enemy status to Oakstone, also known as forest-enemying:

  • Extermination within a forest or jungle location.
  • Directly assisting those who committed the above crimes. Those who assisted in or hid an act of extermination would be prosecuted as if they had performed the act themselves.

Merger with Eleusis

678 AF ushered in a new age of unity in the forestal realm at large. After 450 years of overseeing protection of the forests, Oakstone was disestablished, its vision bequeathed to Eleusis proper as the Council of Hierophants succeeded the former Council of Leath-ris in the forestal village.

The High Warden of Nature is empowered to oversee the responsible usage of forestal powers and responsible use of groves.