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Bal'met, the Worldreaver, was a God summoned by the ormyrr and Dala'myrr of Krenindala in 610 AF. The chief and apparently sole God of the Krenindalan pantheon, Bal'met was believed to preside over the evolution of ormyrr into Dala'myrr within the core of the barren planet. Unbeknownst to most ormyrr, the Dala'myrr and their priestly servants sought to arrange the circumstances by which their own god would come to be. These circumstances came to pass with the corruption of Sapience's shrine networks and the fall of the Shrine of Ascension in 610.

Following his nascence, Bal'met was a silent but potent presence in Sapience for the remainder of the War of the Worldreaver. Maintaining an uneasy alliance with Shaitan, Apollyon, and later Sartan, he organized the destruction of a large swathe of the Pantheon. Finally, after betraying Sartan and being trapped upon Nishnatoba, he was destroyed in the Battle of Nishnatoba by the united Garden, adventurers raised to demigodhood by Maya's sacrifice, and the Sword of Dunamis.