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Knights are a type of highly-trained soldier who may either serve a higher ranking person or an entire organisation. From the War of Humanity to the Wars of Succession to present day, they are held to be chivalrous and honourable in conduct and proficient and able in arms.

Ever since the end of the Guilds era, there has been a social disconnect between those who could be termed True Knights, who live and die by the code and ideology of Chivalry, having undergone many trials to demonstrate their prowess and valour, and the more self-serving swordsmen and swordswomen who adopt one of the Knight classes while being wholly unconcerned with the pursual of honour, focusing only on its applied methodology and skill. It is bone of contention which survives in Achaea, even into the present day.

The three types of Knight classes one can find throughout the land, then, are these:

Examples of denizen knights of Achaea include the oathsworn mhun knights of Moghedu, ogre knights of Dun Fortress, the stalwart Aegean knights of the Siroccian Mountains, the runic knights of Cyrene, the briar knights of Eleusis, the Sidhe knights of Annwyn, the knights of Sirocco, and the terrifying Death Knights of the Underworld.