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The Aldar of the Mythos were created to serve the Elder Gods, and they are predecessors to the Celani of today. Metamortal but possessing power surpassed only by the Gods, they spent their time exploring the multiverse, building and studying the art of magic. They also played a pivotal role in shaping our world and history as we know it. They are best known for their roles in the War of Humanity.

Aldar of Mythology

There are several Aldar of note from ancient times. The following is a list of just a few documented Aldar from Achaean mythology.
The greatest prophet in history, he saw and stated the Twin Prophecies - that Proteus would be overthrown and replaced as leader of the Gods and that Maya would bear twins who, though not Aldar, would have the potential to rival them in power someday.
He discovered Maya after she was raped by the Unnamable Horror. Known for his loyalty to and humble manner before the Gods, he and his faction of Aldar fought for the Gods' side in the War of Humanity. He was slain by the battlemaster Yen-Sorte and would go down in history as the first Aldar ever murdered in what became known as the Great Betrayal.
Brother of Han-Tolneth and protege to Khalas, he was very xenophobic in attitude. He called the Great Council to try to convince Han-Tolneth and Dekalb to fight with the Triumvirate. After the war, the Tribunal sentenced Han-Silnar to serve Lorielan in the Crystal Realm.
While xenophobic like his brother Han-Silnar, he had great respect for the Gods in general, particularly Proteus. Thus, he resolved to support and respect Proteus' decision to give Ceylon to the humans. He arrived near the end of the War of Humanity with the Greater Dragons, earning himself the title of "Dragonmaster" as a result. Han-Tolneth was the first Celani and can now be found on the Greater Dragons' plane of Parthren Gare.
He was the chief architect among the Aldar. He is credited with designing Ceylon, the Golden Land of the Dawn and racial homeland of the humans.
Arguably the most famous Aldar, in ancient times, she was raped by the Unnamable Horror; from this travesty, the first humans - Sinope and Callisto - were born. After the close of the Chaos Wars, she was elevated to Godhood by Sarapis to watch over her children. Later, the Mother of Humanity merged with Makali, Goddess of Destruction to become the Creatrix, leader of the Garden in Sarapis' stead. Maya relinquished her divinity in the seventh century AF, becoming an Aldar once more.
He was Han-Silnar's battlemaster and legendary for his combat prowess. He turned on Dekalb and his faction after being ordered to by the manipulated Han-Silnar. He was slain in battle by the God of Combat, Matsuhama. The Scimitar of Yen-Sorte is named for him.

Other Aldar

A Nurian Aldar leader who later became a Demigod
The last of the Lorewardens, he wrote books within the Library of the Ancients that detail its history. Though he, too, was slain at some point, he lingers as an ethereal ghost in what remains of the library in Azdun Dungeon.
Enheduanna was the former Aldar turned servant to the God Babel. She once resided in a small network of caves outside Ashtan known as the Caverns of Enheduanna, a site that is now sacred ground of the Divine Order of Babel.
Known as the Forger, was a notable Aldar and one of the last to abandon the Aldar city of Nur.
The son of Dekalb, Kaphlos was guardian of the reliquary of Proteus, safeguarding its precious contents after the close of the Chaos wars.
The first of the Lorewardens, he was an Aldar from the time of the Chaos Wars. Devoting himself to knowledge and wisdom, he built the Library of the Ancients with the help of his two sons. He later perished in a fierce battle against Prince Slith.
Ugrach was a bright pupil of Gaia, the Earthmother. Convicted of breaching Aldar miscegenation customs between mortal and extramortal, he was banished from the sight of his kin in eons past.
called the Navigator, Uvas was a notable Aldar loyal to Vastar.