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Lord Ugrach, the Finality, is the Curator of Death. Formerly ruler of the Underworld, he once resided in his fortress of Cor Kanth in the Unsguul Mountains. Legend has it that he coalesced from the soulbleed of the multiverse's first death, but he is actually an Aldar banished to that undead plane for the crime of commingling with a mortal Tsol'aa. His son, Slith, now Lord of the Undead in his stead, played a pivotal role in the War of Humanity.

At his immediate beck and call were the five remaining Ur'Vampires - Lieutenants Gerzson, Asztrik, Tizane, Prioska, and Zigana - as well as Death Knight Lord Kemnast, captain of the Death Knights. He kept as his pet a twin-tailed giant scorpion.

When his son slew the god of Death, the Divine called a moot trial to decide Slith's fate. Ugrach raced to his son's aid, striking a bargain with the gods by which his son would be punished but not executed. It was decided that Slith be locked in the Underworld forevermore whilst Ugrach appointed to taken on Thoth's role in the guidance of souls through the Halls of Death.

It was his vacancy of the Underworld after eons of rule that sparked The Underworld Rebellion.

The Ugrach mystical card and battle figurine draw insight from their namesake.