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The valley of Ceylon, which means "Golden Land" or "Land of the Dawn," was designed by the architect Mantru and constructed through the toil of many Aldar to be the home of the first humans. It was ordered built by Proteus as a dwelling place for the Offspring, the seven children of Callisto and Sinope. The Offspring eventually left to pursue their own goals. Those who stayed behind suffered further losses from a terrible plague, until the last group of human survivors left the Golden Land and journeyed across the Mhojave Desert to purge the sickness from themselves. These survivors eventually reached the cave system known as Moghedu where they evolved over time into present-day Mhun. In this way Ceylon was abandoned and its location lost to history.

When control of the Pentad passed into the hands of Maya, the Great Mother, She saw fit to create a replica of the Ceylon that once was. Placing it on another plane of existence, she gifted it to such famous souls as Gruul, Pasiphae, and Severian. It is rumoured that the souls of such luminous individuals as Emperor Nicator and the Aldar Dekalb reside there, as well.