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In the times of the Chaos Wars, the Lorewardens were the Aldar charged with documenting and keeping safe the history of Sapience. The first of these were Meran'tir and his two sons, who built the Library of the Ancients within the underground dungeon of Azdun.

As the Triumvirate prepared for war, Slith was sent to eliminate the Lorewardens so that their knowledge could not be used to assist the opposing side. The library, however, had been protected with powerful magic so that despite the tragic death of most of the Lorewardens, including Meran'tir, four were able to hide within the library and survive the slaughter.

After the war's end, the Lorewardens slowly died out as the remaining Aldar and the new race of humans were unsuitable to carry on the tradition. Candlemas, the last Lorewarden to remain, however, was so devoted to the library that his soul lives on. He retains possession of the Staff of the Lorewardens.