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Proteus, King of the Gods
Realm None
Symbols None
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples None

Proteus was the leader of the Elder Gods in the early days of Creation. Though He did not know it until later, He was a split-off portion of Ayar, the Creator. The goddess Lorielan was his consort. The Triumvirate attempted and failed to take over Proteus's leadership in what came to be known as the War of Humanity. After the Chaos Wars, Ayar made himself known to Proteus and the two merged to become Sarapis, the Logos.

Proteus is responsible for the creation of the Protean relics, which includes items such as the Dragon Bow, Golden Braid, and the Eye of Discord. The divine relic, Eye of Proteus, is also named for Him.