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Matsuhama, Lord of Combat
Realm Combat
Symbols Sword resting on a Shield
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Halls of Combat in the Sangre Plains

Matsuhama, the Eternal Warrior was the God of Combat, and was considered one of the Elder Gods. Little was known about this great warrior save His passion for battle. Swift with a sword and quick on His feet, this God was not one to be trifled with. He took great pleasure in combat, whether participating in a great battle among armies, a single match against a lone foe, or observing skilled warriors.


After His battles in the Great War many stories have come and gone, but all tell of a warrior who wanders the field slaying thousands of men single-handed. Of all the stories, whether they be myth or fact, one thing has always been constant and true about Matsuhama - His passion for combat. Further, He defeated and killed Yen-Sorte in the War of Humanity.

In the month of Glacian, in the year 610AF, the growing power of the rogue god Bal'met grew. Ourania, Matsuhama, Miramar, Pentharian, Aegis, Pandora, and Daedalus assaulted the realm of Krenindala in order to retrieve Hermes and to seek retribution for the death of Kastalia. With the battle going well, Daedalus found Hermes, but it turned out it that it was a trap. Hermes had been corrupted by the power of Bal'met whilst on Krenindala, and triggered a great titanic wave of power that not only killed Matsuhama, but also Hermes, Daedalus, and Miramar.

Divine Symbols

The only known symbol of Matsuhama was that of the onyx stone, which was said to be sacred to both Himself and His followers.