Triumvirate (mythology)

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This article is about the renegade alliance of Gods. For other uses, please see Triumvirate (disambiguation).

The Triumvirate was composed of the Goddess Lorielan and the Gods Agatheis and Khalas. These three Elder Gods were created at the dawn of time by Ayar. Secretly influenced by the great Demon Prince Pazuzu, They attempted to overthrow Proteus as the leader of the Gods. This became known as the War of Humanity, which led to (and was in fact a part of) the Chaos Wars.

After Their defeat, They were each imprisoned: Lorielan was banished to the Crystal Plane, Agatheis was bound into the form of a unicorn, and Khalas was transformed into a statue. Lorielan and Agatheis later repented and were freed, but the statue of Khalas still remains to this day near the Village of Tomacula in the Savannah of Sapience, an eternal testament to the folly of challenging the Supreme Creator.


During the War of Humanity, the Triumvirate gathered many beings to rally for its side. Those forces included the following: