Sinope (mythology)

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This article is about the first human woman. For other uses, see Sinope (disambiguation).

Sinope was the first human woman, daughter of Maya the Aldar after Maya's rape by the Unnamable Horror. Her twin brother, Callisto, was the first human man. All members of the human race are ultimately descended from the coupling of these two.

Sinope bore seven children to Callisto, collectively called the Offspring. Four were female: Pasiphae, Elara, Lysithea, and Himalia. Three were male: Carme, Anake, and Ledo.

Though Sinope and Callisto potentially possessed near-immortal lifespans as a result of their Aldar heritage, neither did. Anake lusted after Sinope, but she refused to lie with him, and he slew her in anger.