Chaos Wars

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Though history has distinguished them slightly, the Chaos Wars and the War of Humanity are in fact a part of the same struggle between the twin worlds of Order and Chaos created by Ayar.

Following the War of Humanity, Chaos had gained a great foothold in our world. Strange beings began to appear with disturbing powers that threatened creation's very existence. Most dangerous of these beings were Entropy and Discord, who focused their attacks upon Proteus, entering his mind.

Unable to completely destroy Entropy and Discord, Ayar was forced to disperse their essence across Creation. While much of the chaotic fallout became concentrated upon the Plane of Chaos where Pazuzu and Slith had been banished, every part of Creation was affected in some way.

Following the end of the war, Ayar combined with Proteus to become Sarapis, so that such a danger would never again threaten the world. With the addition of Chaos to the world, the Gods saw that they would need assistance in overseeing their realms, and under their new master, took the Aldar - now Celani - as their helpers.