Great Betrayal

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During the War of Humanity, a Great Council was held by Han-Silnar in the Caves of Sorrow to convince the rest of the Aldar to join forces with the Triumvirate. Dekalb, the leader of an Aldar faction that supported the Gods, managed to turn the Aldar towards his cause. The Great Council then became a council of war against the Triumvirate.

To keep out any forms of surveillance, Han-Silnar and Dekalb erected an anti-magic field around the site of the council. Unbeknownst to the leaders of the council, several Kx'Khrah infiltrated the meeting disguised as Aldar leaders. Dekalb's faction soon came under attack by these spies, and in a moment of desperation, Han-Silnar once again betrayed his fellow Aldar and sided temporarily with Lorielan, who had sent the Kx'Khrah to the council.

When it was discovered that it was members of his faction that had been killed by the Kx'Khrah to infiltrate the meeting, Han-Silnar ordered Yen-Sorte, the legendary warrior, to slay the crystalline creatures.

Before the Kx'Khrah could be exterminated, Lorielan convinced Han-Silnar to return to Her, and so Yen-Sorte was ordered to slay the rest of Dekalb's faction, and the Aldar leader himself.

Dekalb fought bravely against this skilled combatant, but suffered a broken shoulder and many deep wounds. This was the first instance of murder among the Aldar, and became known in mythology as the Great Betrayal.