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To distinguish themselves from other Achaeans, most adventurers opt to select a class, which is simply a set of special skills allowing one to become, for example, a magician or a knight. Joining a class imparts three compatible skills to the adventurer (two are gained initially, the third upon embracing class), in addition to class-specific battlerage abilities and the common skills everyone possesses.

Additionally, members of the same class can see each other simply by using the CLASSWHO command.

Following are the 19 classes available to adventurers:

Class Fledgling Skills Full Member Skill
Alchemist Alchemy Physiology Formulation | Sublimation
Apostate Evileye Necromancy Apostasy
Bard Voicecraft Swashbuckling Harmonics
Blademaster TwoArts Striking Shindo
Depthswalker Aeonics Shadowmancy Terminus
Druid Groves Metamorphosis Reclamation
Infernal Necromancy Weaponmastery Chivalry
Jester Tarot Pranks Puppetry
Magi Elementalism Crystalism Artificing
Monk Tekura | Shikudo Kaido Telepathy
Occultist Occultism Tarot Domination
Paladin Weaponmastery Devotion Chivalry
Priest Spirituality Devotion Zeal
Psion Weaving Psionics Emulation
Runewarden Runelore Weaponmastery Chivalry
Sentinel Metamorphosis Woodlore Skirmishing
Serpent Subterfuge Venom Hypnosis
Shaman Spiritlore Curses Vodun
Sylvan Propagation Groves Weatherweaving


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