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With its plethora of powerful abilities pertaining to the usage of runes and totems, Runelore is a varied skill that can lend both defensive and offensive capabilities to those who wield it. Members of the Runewarden class have access to this skill.

Abilities in Runelore

Ability Description
Smudge Ability to destroy runes.
Sketch Sketch runes with expert precision.
Kena A rune to inspire fear.
Uruz Heal your allies with earth magic.
Fehu Causes sleeping urges.
Pithakhan Attack the mental reserves of your enemies.
Jera A rune to increase the vitality of the bearer.
Inguz A rune with the ability to paralyse.
Wunjo Upon encountering this, an enemy's sight will be returned.
Lagul Add an element of bleeding to your stratagem.
Sowulu Damages the health of enemies.
Algiz A rune of protection from damage.
Isaz A rune to call shockwaves to take your enemies off balance.
Totems The symbol of the master of Runelore.
Dagaz This rune will heal afflictions from you at random.
Gebu This rune will increase the blunt protection of armour.
Gebo A rune to increase the cutting protection of armour.
Gular Drawing on the power of the earth, raise a stone wall.
Raido Summon a spiritual steed to bear you home.
Thurisaz Call forth a spout of molten lava from the earth.
Lagua Further punish your foe.
Hugalaz Call down a hailstorm around you.
Truesketch Sketch more than one rune on the ground.
Nauthiz Suck the nourishment from your foes.
Mannaz Return hearing to a victim.
Othala Besiege your enemies with multiple spouts of molten lava.
Sleizak Afflict a foe with the horrible voyria poison.
Tiwaz This rune will remove the defences of your enemies.
Berkana Provides health regeneration to the bearer.
Nairat A rune to beguile and transfix.
Eihwaz A powerful vibration-dampening rune.
Runebinding Bind your runes to your body.
Laguz Increased damage to the limbs of your foe.
Runicarmour Empower armour with the strength of the earth.
Runeblades Runewardens may empower a weapon as a legendary runeblade.
Loshre Cause an opponent to become afflicted with anorexia.
Implant Create a bond between your totem and the earth.
Empower Enable smudge reporting.
Designate Arrange clear title and ownership.