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This page is about the class. For other uses, please see Bards (disambiguation).

The Bard class, introduced in the year 350 AF, is like no other class in Achaea. Ralph Mercadia (born Sarapin 5, 264 AF), a singer and performer, learned the songs of Scarlatti during a casual festival of the arts. The God of the Arts encouraged him to continue to develop the lyrical ballads and melodic skills of the Bard. Ralph's labour led to the formation of both the Bard class and Bards Guild. With the introduction of auto-class and Houses, the influence of bards spread out beyond Cyrene, the city where the Guild was based. Despite this freedom, many Bards still join House Ty Beirdd, where they eagerly pursue an artistic lifestyle.

Bards utilise the skills of Swashbuckling, Voicecraft, and Harmonics to make their way in the world, bringing music and style to everything they undertake.

Abilities in Battlerage

Ability Description
Moulinet Slash your opponent with a long, looping cut.
Syntax: MOULINET <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 16.00 seconds
Resource: 14 rage

The moulinet is a circular cut, using the wrist to quickly slash down the length of your target's body.

Trill Your opponent's psyche is no match for your voice.
Syntax: PLAY TRILL AT <target>
Gives affliction: Amnesia
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 41.00 seconds
Resource: 28 rage

A high-pitched chant that will make your target forgetful for a short time.

Howlslash Voice and blade, working as one.
Syntax: HOWLSLASH <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 36 rage

Use the power of your voice to distract your target before attacking with a vicious strike.

Cyclone Repeatedly slash your target as you spin.
Syntax: CYCLONE <target>
Uses affliction: Stun or Clumsiness
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 25 rage

Spin in a tight circle, slashing out with your blade as you pass by your target. Opponents that are too stunned or clumsy to avoid the brunt of the onslaught will take substantially increased damage.

Charm Lull your victim into serving you.
Syntax: PLAY CHARM AT <target>
Gives affliction: Charm
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 43.00 seconds
Resource: 32 rage

A beguiling song that charms your victim, making it fight for you for a short time.