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Occultism was long considered a lost skill until it was rediscovered in the Modern Age by Shakti, Silverstorm, and Saruman, who were aided by the Goddess Eris in their completion of the Eschaton Experiment first attempted by Ezekial aeons earlier during the Burning Times. This skill is now available to those of the Occultist class.

Abilities in Occultism

Ability Description
Ague A chill that enters from the aura to the body.
Syntax: AGUE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

You can afflict a person's aura with an ague. This will cause the unfortunate wretch to freeze in two or three stages. If the target has a caloric salve applied, this will nullify the caloric salve. If not, then it will set him or her shivering, which will regularly cause a loss of equilibrium. If you chill a shivering person, you will freeze him or her completely.

Auraglance Seek out another in your mind's eye.
Syntax: AURAGLANCE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Using the power of your will, you can seek out the location of anyone's aura.

Warp Cause your enemy's body to warp beyond recognition.
Syntax: WARP <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers and denizens

Your power to warp reality can be focused on a single individual, causing horrific mutations and cancerous growths that are ultimately quite lethal.

Night Create darkness in the room.
Syntax: NIGHT
Works on/against: Room

Cast a shroud of darkness over a location.

Shroud Perform many actions in secret.
Syntax: SHROUD

This will draw a shroud of concealment over your actions.

Bodywarp Warping your own body is not for the faint of heart.
Works on/against: Room

You can warp your own form into an unspeakable image, causing a primal fear even in the most hardy.

Eldrichmists The Hymn to Glaaki will raise strange mists.
Works on/against: Room

By singing the Hymn to Glaaki, you may call up eldrich mists out of the ground itself, harming all adventurers present except yourself.

Mask Conceal the movement of your chaos entities.
Syntax: MASK

This ability will cause all the chaos entities in your entourage to become cloaked. While cloaked, their movement in and out of rooms will not be seen. To remove the cloak, use UNMASK.

Attend Force your students to pay attention.
Syntax: ATTEND <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Using the power of your will, you can exert your aura and force your students to attend to their studies, curing them of deafness and blindness.

Enervate Suck the strength from your enemy's aura.
Syntax: ENERVATE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Using the power of your aura, you can send forth a tendril and suck out the energy from the aura of another, thereby draining another's mental energy to add to your own.

Encipher Hide your writings from prying eyes.
Syntax: ENCIPHER <journal/letter>
TRANSLATE <journal/letter>

Secrecy is one of the hallmarks of Occultism. In order to guard your writings from the uninitiated, you can hide your writings in a cipher. TRANSLATE will decipher the text so anyone may read.

Quicken A small time warp around your enemy makes them hungry.
Syntax: QUICKEN <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Your power over reality and time is such that you can create a small warp in the time field around an individual, who will not notice any time pass, though his or her body will suddenly feel the effects.

Astralvision Your aura gives insights into that which is around.
Cooldown: Adventurers

You are an Occultist, attuned to the aura of all living beings and able to seek out their lifeforce. With this power, you will gain both deathsight and lifevision.

Shrivel Cause your opponent's limbs to shrivel up.
Syntax: SHRIVEL ARMS/LEGS <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

By grabbing onto the limb of an adventurer, you can destroy its marrow, rendering it useless.

Readaura Reading another's aura will reveal their secrets.
Syntax: READAURA <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Your knowledge of auras is such that you may read the auras of others, seeing any anomalies and enchantments attached to the auras, or sense any presence that protects or affects the aura.

This ability requires equilibrium, but not balance.

Karma Sense how much karma you have accumulated.
Syntax: KARMA
STUDY <item>

You may now utilize karma by probing the occult mysteries found in various valuable items found across the land. KARMA will tell you how high your karma level is. When you STUDY <item>, your karma level will rise, and the karmic value of the item you are studying will be slowly consumed by this thirst for knowledge.

Heartstone Create a figurine of your heart to help give you mana.

Using your karma, you can create a heartstone, which stores mana that will be drawn upon until the heartstone cracks.

Simulacrum Create a figurine of yourself that absorbs damage.

Using your karma, you can create a simulacrum that stores health. Whenever you take damage, a portion of that damage will be absorbed by the simulacrum until it cracks.

Entities Sense the whereabouts of Chaos Entities in the land.

The disruptions in reality caused by entities of Chaos are quite distinctive to one trained in the sublime arts of Occultism. By reaching out with your consciousness, you may find the locations of these disruptions throughout the Prime Material Plane. Unlike those of lesser, uninitiated minds, you are able to perform this feat from any plane, and even pinpoint those entities loyal specificially to you whether on the Prime Material Plane or otherwise.

Timewarp Warping time in a location will move vibes.
Works on/against: Room

You are a master of time itself and can warp the field of time in your location. If there are any vibes in your location, one will be randomly dislocated outside of time.

Distortaura Distorting your aura will protect you from physical harm.
Drains: Mana

Tapping into your karma, you can distort your own aura, causing a portion of physical damage meant for you to be fed back on the attacker. Your mana reserves will be constantly drained as long as your aura is distorted. NORMALAURA will return your aura to its natural state.

Pinchaura Surgically alter your patient's aura.
Syntax: PINCHAURA <target> <defence>
Works on/against: Adventurers

You have become exceptionally expert in the study of auras. Indeed, now you can surgically alter an individual's aura, removing one of the following defences: cloak, speed, caloric, frost, levitation, insomnia, kola.

Impart Impart your karmic knowledge to others with Occultism.
Syntax: IMPART <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

This ability will allow you to transfer some of your own karma to another Occultist. It should be noted that this is not an even exchange - more karma is lost by you than is gained by the recipient of the transfer.

Transcendence Open a gateway to the Plane of Chaos.

Open a gateway to the Chaos Plane, allowing you to go there and bargain for the services of the Chaos Entities. Once the gate is opened, ENTER GATEWAY to enter the Chaos Plane. Once there, you can either wait the quarter part of an Achaean day (in which case you will be unceremoniously ejected), or you can seek the exit, which is hidden in the Whirlpool of Chaos.

Unnamable Hear what cannot be named, or see what cannot be imagined.
Works on/against: Adventurers

From your studies of occult lore, you can use karma to actually speak the Unnamable's name or cause a vision of the Unnamable to appear to everyone in a location. For any who are not trained in occult studies, those hearing the name or seeing the vision will be afflicted with various insanities.

The insanities bestowed by this will not duplicate with existing maladies upon the unfortunate witness or listener.

Devolve Devolving your enemy will make them unrecognizable.
Syntax: DEVOLVE <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

You have the power to terribly curse your opponent so that his or her appearance de-evolves into a primitive state, causing any allies to turn on him or her in disgust.

Cleanseaura Cleanse away those pesky animal spirits from an aura.
Syntax: CLEANSEAURA <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

This obscure occultic ability allows one to strip away the natural defences of a target's aura, exposing them to more invasive assaults.

It requires that the target's mana be 40% or lower to be successful.

Tentacles Master your body and create tentacles of your own.
Works on/against: Room

You can warp your body so that it sprouts tentacles, which seek out your enemies of their own accord, holding them in your location.

Chaosrays Pure chaos will strike all in a location.
Works on/against: Room

Transmuting your karma into pure chaos, you can summon forth the Seven Rays to blast a location, hitting everyone in the room except yourself with random rays of chaos.

Instill Instill your victim's aura with diseases of the body.
Syntax: INSTILL <target> WITH <affliction>
Works on/against: Adventurers

This ability will allow you to instill your victim's aura with various afflictions. You may select from: lethargy, clumsiness, haemophilia, healthleech, sensitivity, darkshade.

Whisperingmadness A curse of madness not soon forgotten.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Having an insanity weakens the mind enough to afflict that person with the dreaded curse of whispering madness. Once afflicted, none of those insanities can be cured until whispering madness is cured first.

Any one following insanities will work: dementia, stupidity, confusion, hypersomnia, paranoia, hallucinations, impatience, addiction, agoraphobia, lovers, loneliness, recklessness, and masochism.

Devilmark The Mark of the Devil grants great power.

You can give yourself the mark of the devil. When flinging the tarot DEVIL card, the devil is bound to you by your will for a longer period of time up to a possible three services. The mark of the devil vanishes as soon as this term of service expires. You may also wipe the devilmark from your body to prematurely end the services of a devil.

Truename Find the truename of your enemy.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Your occult knowledge has grown to such an extent that you can discern the truename of an individual, the name that vibrates to that person's soul, from his or her corpse. TRUENAMES will tell you whose truenames you have and how many times you may utter it. If the truename of a person is uttered in front of him or her, that person will be harmed in body and mind and be inflicted by the Aeon curse. Once uttered, that particular truename will be forgotten.

Due to the mental strain of remembering an individual's truename, you are only able to remember up to three for each person, for a total of fifty people.

Astralform Turn yourself into a being of pure energy.
Extra Information: Human cooldown: 4.00 seconds of equilibrium
Works on/against: Self

Having mastered all facets of your aura, you can now become pure spirit, though you will moderately lose willpower as you strain to hold your nebulous form together. HUMAN is the command to return to your normal form.

Enlighten Reveal the truth to the uninitiated.
Syntax: ENLIGHTEN <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Perhaps the cruelest curse imaginable, you can reveal the occult mysteries to a non-initiate as you have learned it. Their minds must be sufficiently open for the revelation to be received. In other words, the target must have whispering madness as well as three (or more) of the following insanities: dementia, stupidity, confusion, hypersomnia, paranoia, hallucinations, impatience, hypochondria, recklessness, masochism, agoraphobia, anorexia, loneliness, claustrophobia, lover's effect.

If such is the case, you may give that target the revelation of what the nature of the universe is as you see it, which will unfortunately make their insanities permanent until death.

Unravel Destroy the psyche of the uninitiated.
Syntax: UNRAVEL MINDS OF <target>
Works on/against: Adventurers

Once you've enlightened the mind of a non-initiate to the mysteries of the Occult, you may draw upon the latent energies of Entropy and Discord throughout Creation. Focusing these Chaotic ripples upon your target's already battered psyche, you may completely unravel his mind, slaying him instantly. Slaying an individual in this manner will release a potent karmic aura, buffering your own karma.

Transmogrify Reincarnate as a Chaos Lord.
Works on/against: Self

Congratulations! Your studies have now reached the plateau wherein your mastery of the occult is so great that you can now prepare your body and aura for true transformation. Instead of dying, you will transmogrify into a being of pure chaos--you will become a Chaos Lord. You will receive one change of the body, skin and a very odd miscellaneous change which correspond to the effects listed below. MUTATIONS will show you exactly what the functions of the mutations you have are. It will not show useless mutations (see below).

By raising a barrier between yourself and the Chaos Lord's spirit, you may prevent your transformation from occuring upon death. This barrier can be lowered in the future at a much smaller cost.

TRANSMOGRIFY STATUS will show the state of the Chaos Lord within your soul, if any.

You may only use this ability once every 3-9 (random) Achaean days.

  • Note: The chance for positive changes outweighs the chance for negative changes by nearly a 2-1 margin. It is also possible to get a useless mutation. For instance, bulging muscles that give no strength advantage, or blotchy skin that does not subject you to greater magical damage.

One Body Change

bulging muscles (+1 to +3 STR)
an expanded skull (+1 to +3 INT)
double joints (+1 to +3 DEX)
a gorilla-like body (+1 to +3 CON)
stringy muscles (-1 to -3 STR)
a caved forehead (-1 to -3 INT)
stiff joints (-1 to -3 DEX)
an anorexic body (-1 to -3 CON)

One Skin Change

blue fur (LVL 1 to 3 Cold)
red scales (LVL 1 to 3 Fire)
purple fur (LVL 1 to 3 Magic)
white scales (LVL 1 to 3 Electric)
black scales (LVL 1 to 3 Poison)
hardened skin (LVL 1 to 3 Blunt)
bumpy skin (LVL 1 to 3 Cutting)
porous skin (LVL 1 to 3 Asphyxiation)
porcupine needles (LVL 1 to 3 Psychic)
papery skin (LVL -1 to -3 Cold)
fluffy feathers (LVL -1 to -3 Fire)
blotchy skin (LVL -1 to -3 Magic)
silvery skin (LVL -1 to -3 Electric)
mottled skin (LVL -1 to -3 Poison)
bruised skin (LVL -1 to -3 Blunt)
thin skin (LVL -1 to -3 Cutting)
waxy skin (LVL -1 to -3 Asphyxiation)
pocked skin (LVL -1 to -3 Psychic)

One Misc. Change Description

a chicken-like head (LVL 1 to 2 Health Regeneration)
frog feet (LVL 1 to 2 Mana Regeneration)
bulging eyes (LVL 1 to 2 Willpower Regeneration)
elephantine legs (LVL 1 to 2 Endurance Regeneration)
a bloated belly (LVL 1 slow balance
a protruding brow (LVL 1 slow equilibrium)
droopy eyes (LVL 1 to 2 slow wake)
a sunken chest (LVL 1 slow heal)