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This page is about the class. For the House, please see Spirit Walkers.

The mystical Shaman class was born in 288 AF, when the notable Firefox Sly opened the Shaman's Guild.

Drawing their strength from the darker side of mysticism, the class of the Shamans is not inherently aligned with any ethos. Fiercely spiritual and reclusive, those of the Shaman class practise the art of Curses, Vodun and Spiritlore.

Abilities in Battlerage

Ability Description
Corruption Cause extreme pain by corrupting your opponent's flesh.
Syntax: CURSE <target> CORRUPTION
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 16.00 seconds
Resource: 14 rage

Curse your target with a deadly affliction powered by your rage.

Korkma Bind the spirit of Korkma, the Terrifying.
Syntax: INVOKE KORKMA <target>
Gives affliction: Fear
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 34.00 seconds
Resource: 29 rage

Summon Korkma, the spirit of fear incarnate, to overwhelm your opponent and send it fleeing in terror.

Haemorrhage A more powerful version of the bleed curse.
Syntax: CURSE <target> HEMORRHAGE
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 36 rage

Expend your rage to inflict a more powerful bleed curse on your target, causing it to take heavy damage for a short time as blood literally bursts from its body.

Vurus Bind the spirit of Vurus, the Assassin.
Syntax: INVOKE VURUS <target>
Uses affliction: Sensitivity or Amnesia
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 25 rage

Bind the spirit of the assassin to slip behind your enemy's defences and deliver a deadly blow, doing increased damage if your target is sensitive or forgetful enough to absorb the full brunt of the blow.

Cesaret Bind the spirit of Cesaret, the Foolhardy.
Syntax: INVOKE CESARET <target>
Gives affliction: Recklessness
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 19.00 seconds
Resource: 18 rage

The spirit of the foolhardy will fill your target with such bravery that it will continue to attack with little regard for its own safety for several seconds.

Related Artefacts for Shaman

Artefact Description
Obsidian skull pendant Extends number of curses swiftcurse augments by two and additional second to jinx.
Amethyst skull pendant Extends number of curses swiftcurse augments by four and additional two seconds to jinx.
Sapphire skull pendant Extends number of curses swiftcurse augments by six and additional three seconds to jinx.
Runic Gauntlet Speeds implanting and uprooting owner's totems by 50%, uprooting others' totems by 25%.
Painted lantern Makes binding spirits twice as fast.