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Puppetry is utilised by those of the Jester class, and through various abilities in this skill, they are able to craft puppets of their victims and attack or control them from a distance. Puppetry is often confused with the Shaman skill of Vodun, though one would do well to remember that puppets are not dolls, and vice versa.

Abilities in Puppetry

Ability Description
Fashion Fashion puppets from wood.
Confusion Muddle the thoughts of your victim.
Dizzy Cause your enemy to become unsteady on his feet.
Sleep Send someone to the la la land.
Illusion Cause your victim to see an image of your choosing.
Spy See the surroundings of your target.
Status Find out what the health and mana of your target is.
Strip Strip someone's defences.
Paralyse Lock up the muscle system of your victim.
Break Break both the arms or both the legs of someone.
Throttle Choke the life out of the little bugger.
Reckless Induce a sense of extreme bravado in your opponent.
Tickle Tickle the feet of your puppet.
Burn Indulge your pyromania!
Bleed Make 'em bleed like stuck pigs.
Travel Take a trip to pay a friendly visit to your puppet.
Cripple Break all the limbs of some unlucky victim.
Command You ARE the puppet master!
Slow Make a victim move like molasses in Daedalan.
Blackout Rob your victim of some of his senses
Puncture Give your puppet a sucker punch!
Summon Hmm, wouldn't it be nice if she came for a visit?
Bind Tie up your hapless opponent.
Listen Hear talking through your target's ears.
Inventory See the inventory of your target.
Imbibe Prick your target to make them sick!
Mangle If you thought breaking an arm hurt...
Concussion The last thing I remember is being hit on the head, doctor.
Leech Turn yourself into a leech! Doesn't that sound fun?
Truefashion Faster fashioning is fun fun fun.