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This page is about the class. For other uses, please see Apostates (disambiguation).

Colloquially termed "evil priests" or "priests of Evil," members of the Apostate class are able to summon Baalzadeens and other demon companions, just as their holy counterparts can summon angels. Learning to control the skills of Evileye and Necromancy from a young age, Apostates are deemed fit by Evil to wield the powers of Apostasy when they become strong and mature enough.

The events leading up to the creation of the Apostate class, and later the Guild and House, can be found within the Blood Congregation article.

Abilities in Battlerage

Ability Description
Convulsions Make your target's muscles contract uncontrollably.
Syntax: STARE <target> CONVULSIONS
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 16.00 seconds
Resource: 14 rage

Use the evileye to cause your victim's limbs to contract and cause great pain. The convulsions will last for a short time, continually doing damage to the target.

Horrify Cause your target to frantically flee.
Syntax: STARE <target> HORRIFY
Gives affliction: Fear
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 34.00 seconds
Resource: 29 rage

Use the evileye to summon visions of hell that terrify your opponents and send them fleeing for several seconds.

Burrow Send your daegger into their flesh.
Syntax: DAEGGER BURROW <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 36 rage

Cause your daegger to burrow into your opponent's body and root around for a while, causing intense damage.

Bloodlet Your daegger will feast upon their blood.
Syntax: BLOODLET <target>
Uses affliction: Sensitivity or Stun
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 25 rage

Your daegger will attempt to slice into the veins of your victim and drink from them. If your target is afflicted by sensitivity or is stunned, the daegger will inflict increased damage.

Possess Seize control of your target's intent for a short time.
Syntax: POSSESS <target>
Gives affliction: Charm
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 43.00 seconds
Resource: 32 rage

Override a target's will with the insertion of a minor demonic spirit, charming it to your cause for a short time. While charmed, your victim will aid you in attacking any other denizens that you are currently fighting.

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