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Spiritlore is the shamanic art of binding ancient spirits to oneself in order to tap into powers of the Spirit Realm. Upon entering a trance, spirits may be bound, augmenting the Shaman's already impressive arsenal of abilities with new features, may of which echo abilities of other classes. Additionally, Shamans may invest a tribal totem (which is different from a runic totem) with a spiritual power to harm their foes.

Abilities in Spiritlore

Ability Description
Commune Commune with the spirits
SPIRIT BIND <spirit>

By communing with a spirit, you may bind it to yourself. This will grant you some of the powers that that particular spirit possessed during its life. You may bind up to five spirits at once.

You may also attune yourself completely to a spirit. This will grant additional benefits, although you may only attune one spirit at a time.

Communing requires a ritual drum, which can be purchased from most general stores around Sapience.

Daina Daina, the Viridian
Attune effect: increased willpower regeneration.

By channeling the power of nature, you are able to drive diseases from your body with greatly increased efficiency.

Jhulian Jhulian the Nomad
Syntax: INVOKE WAYFARE <target>
Attune effect: an increased capability to dodge attacks.
Works on/against: Adventurers

The spirit of Jhulian, The Nomad will allow you to travel to a mutual ally, given a short delay.

Arius Arius, the Hermit
Syntax: INVOKE ROAR <target>
Attune effect: increased mana regeneration.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Once you have bound the spirit of Arius, The Druid, you will be able to channel the mighty power of the hydra to unleash a terrible roar at your opponent, disrupting their mental equilibrium.

Silvanix Silvanix, the Fool
Attune effect: the tumble ability will have a reduced balance.
Works on/against: Self

The skilled jester has deft wits and defter hands, and Silvanix was no exception. By binding his spirit, you will be able to snatch arrows from the very air.

Ri'shen Ri'Shen, the Master
Attune effect: increased health regeneration.
Works on/against: Self

One who has mastered the practices of kaido is able to restore their body from almost any injury. While the power granted to you through the connection with Ri'Shen is not to that level, it will allow you to perform lesser feats of regeneration.

Maligus Maligus, the Cleric
Syntax: INVOKE SOULREND <target>
CURSE <target> <affliction> INVOKE SOULREND
Attune effect: curses will drain a small amount of health and mana from the target.
Works on/against: Adventurers

The practitioners of Apostasy have long been feared for their mastery of unholy powers, and Maligus in life was no exception. Upon binding his spirit, you will gain the ability to forceably attune a vodun doll to the soul of an unfortunate subject, improving its detail potentially far quicker than would normally be possible. This ability will be more effective against those who lack mental fortitude.

This ability can be combined with curses.

Aspar Aspar, the Iron Handed
Syntax: INVOKE COAGULATION <target> <affliction>
CURSE <target> <affliction> INVOKE COAGULATION <affliction>
Attune effect: increased resistance to asphyxiation damage.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Alchemists know more about how to turn a body against itself than perhaps anyone else in Sapience. In life, Aspar was most feared for his ability to manipulate the sanguine humours of his enemies.

By binding his spirit, you will be able to infect open wounds with disease, forcing the blood to clot but doing far more harm than good. Diseases which may be inflicted in this way are impatience, paralysis, asthma, slickness, anorexia, weariness, lethargy, and clumsiness.

This ability is combinable with curses.

Aelkesh Aelkesh, the Faceless
Attune effect: a chance for swiftcurse charges not to be consumed when hunting denizens.
Works on/against: Self

Aelkesh was an Occultist who lived during the period of heightened strife with the Church. He developed an ability to allow him to travel great distances to facilitate his escape in the event of danger, and while binding his spirit will not grant such mastery, it will allow you to fling yourself out of potentially fatal situations. Be warned, however it is far from accurate.

Teraile Teraile, the Swordsman
Syntax: INVOKE BLOODLET <target>
Attune effect: curses will inflict bleeding.
Works on/against: Adventurers

The skill of the practitioners of the legendary Two Arts can not be overstated. By binding the spirit of one of the long dead masters of this art, you will be able to lacerate the flesh of your enemies. This ability will cause the victim to gain the haemophilia affliction, there by removing their ability to clot their wounds. If your victim already has haemophilia, they will suffer bleeding.

This ability may be combined with curses.

Arcanor Arcanor, the Sorcerer
Attune effect: increased elemental damage resistance.
Works on/against: Self

To fight on your terms as a mage is the first step toward victory. By binding the spirit of Arcanor, you will be able to invoke his power to summon great walls of ice to block the escape of all those who would flee from your wrath.

Syvis Syvis, the Venomous
Syntax: CURSE <target> <affliction> INVOKE RELAPSE <affliction>
Attune effect: resistance to poison damage.
Works on/against: Adventurers

The masters of venom have long been feared for their deception and cunning when it comes to the elimination of those that would cross them. By binding the spirit of this ancient assassin, you will be capable of causing diseases that your victim believes they have cured to relapse shortly there after. Be warned, you are no true master of the art. You may only perform this ability every so often.

This ability must be combined with curses.

Marak Marak, the Eviscerator
Syntax: CURSE <target> <affliction> INVOKE SOULSCOURGE <ability>
Attune effect: increased constitution.
Works on/against: Adventurers

This ability will allow you to destroy a vodun doll to balancelessly activate one of the following vodun-based abilities on the target: confusion, dizzy, sleep, strip, paralyse, break, throttle, reckless, bleed, cripple, bind, imbibe. The doll must be fashioned to twice the extent that the ability used would normally require.

This ability must be comboed with curses.

Anthius Anthuis, the Crusader
Syntax: INVOKE JUDGEMENT <target> <direction>
Attune effect: immunity to the fear affliction.
Works on/against: Adventurers

Anthius was one of the faithful Templars who sought out and eliminated those that would corrupt the sanctity of Creation. By channeling this spirit, you are able to unleash holy judgement at a heretic in an adjacent location. The spectral fires will scythe past magical defences, and will not be denied.

Garon Garon, the Knight
Syntax: CARVE totem
IMPLANT <totem>
UPROOT <totem>
TUNE <totem> ENEMIES/NONALLIES (personal totems)
TUNE <totem> ENEMIES/NONMEMBERS (organisational totems)
Attune effect: increased physical damage resistance

While this spirit gives you sufficient knowledge to craft magical totems, you lack the knowledge required to etch them with runes of power. To this end, a different medium is required.

To carve a totem, you will require 20 wood, 10 leather, and 2 silver commodities. Once you have obtained and implanted one into the ground, you may draw either a circle of binding or pain about its base. When an unfortunate enemy looks upon the totem empowered by such a circle, he shall find himself either bound in place or struck down by great pain, dependent on which circle has been drawn.

Drawing a circle requires two black inks.

Designate Designate the owners of your tribal totem
Syntax: DESIGNATE <person> AS OWNER OF <totem>
DESIGNATE <organisation> AS OWNER OF <totem>
CLAIM <totem>
REJECT <totem>

With this ability you may designate an owner for a specific totem. Only the crafter of the totem may use this ability. The totem remains owned by the crafter until the designated owner (or a member of the designated owner organisation) CLAIMs the totem. If the totem is claimed, then the designated owner becomes the true owner. If the totem is rejected, then the crafter remains the owner. At that point the crafter may attempt another designation as desired. Houses, Cities, Orders, Oakstone, and individuals may own totems - clans may not.

When you designate a totem, its tuning is automatically set against the enemies of the new owner.

Tarnel Tarnel, the Walker
Syntax: INVOKE SNARE <target>
Attune effect: you may move more rooms at once.
Works on/against: Adventurers

The walkers of the forest know the value in snaring an unsuspecting victim. The prey that doesn't see the trap coming has its throat cut first.

At the cost of your bond with Tarnel, The Walker, you may bind an enemy.

This invokation is very fast.

Kosuira Kosuira, the Child Sorceress
Attune effect: increased resistance against psychic damage.
Works on/against: Room

A protege in the art of Terminus, Kosuira learned much more of the art than any modern day Depthswalker. Though much of this knowledge is now out of reach, by tapping into her spirit you may bring down an invocation, freezing the ground in your location and doing similarly for all adjacent locations.

Arayan Arayan, the Healer
Attune effect: curses shall restore a small amount of health and mana
Works on/against: Adventurers

The power of priests to heal their fortunate allies is legendary.

Though you shall require a focus in the form of a vodun doll fashioned to at least 50 times, you will be able to channel this power. By destroying the doll in its entirety, you may drag your comrade back from the very state of death itself, restoring him or her to a physical body.

Tether Desperate times lead to temporary measures.

For those times when a traditional communion may not be possible, the able practitioner will find himself able to form a makeshift bond with one of the spirits. Tethering is inferior to attunement; it will not permit attunement of said spirit and it will break after a single use of the related spirit's power, but it may be performed outside of any trance.

You may also solidify a tether, transforming it into a full binding; though the mental equilibrium cost of doing so is substantial.

Spiritwalk Walk free of the confines of mortal flesh.

This greatest of the spiritual arts allows you to leave your body and walk as a spirit about the land. The further from your body you stray, the faster your willpower shall drain. If you run out of willpower, your spiritual form shall fade and your body will die.

Be further warned. Leaving your body alone is a terribly dangerous affair. If an enemy were to stumble upon it, they would be able to destroy it, and any hope you have of returning to a physical form.

Mastery Mastery of the spiritual arts.

Now that you have mastered the spiritual arts in their entirety, you will be able to attune up to three spirits at a time.