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Skirmishing is the formidable third skill of Sentinels. Masters of their chosen weapon and skilled both in and out of the forests of Sapience, the sentinel class combine flawless technique with a ruthless savagery to achieve their ends.

Discarding the civilised constructs of chivalry and fairness, a practitioner of skirmishing uses both the environment and all tools at his disposal to eliminate all opposition. The true masters of the art are rumoured to be able to send their prey into a comatose state, or even destroy their enemies so completely that the remains can never be found.

Abilities in Skirmishing

Ability Description
Returning The ability to throw an axe such that it will return.
Trip Knock an unruly foe to the ground.
Grab Use an axe to pull someone in from a nearby room.
Shove Sending a hapless victim crashing to the forest floor.
Rive Shatter an opponent's shield.
Thrust The most basic of skirmishing attacks.
Spinning Set up a defensive shield with a spear or trident.
Seize Grabbing unwary victims from the forest floor.
Scout A good woodsman checks his path.
Brace Impale attackers on a spear or trident.
Rivestrike There is no defence against your onslaught.
Ensnare Mesmerise them with your flawless skill.
Lacerate Let them bleed for their foolishness.
Scythe Slice through the defences that would protect your foes.
Rattle Rattle their brains with a blow to the head.
Truss Truss them up for slaughter.
Skullbash Split their skull with a mighty blow.
Gouge Lay them open with a precision strike.
Impale Drive your blade straight through your target.
Drag Drag away your prey.
Barbs Chivalry is a construct of the city dwellers.
Wrench Gut them like a fish.
Doublestrike Strike, then strike again.
Extirpate Return them to the embrace of nature.